July 2, 2018
Ellen DeGeneres 'Overwhelmed With Dread' About The State Of The Entire World

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres delights fans and brings smiles to their faces every weekday with her popular daytime television show. Recently, however, she talked with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and she felt anything but funny and lighthearted.

According to a report from the Daily Beast, DeGeneres opened up to Seinfeld on his Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In the episode, Seinfeld took the ordinarily funny woman around in a 1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, which he said is both "no-nonsense" as well as "approachable," much like DeGeneres herself. He picked her up, and they drove around her Montecito, California, neighborhood in the car, which Seinfeld described as toy-like.

"The world is such a scary place right now, in so many ways. You have children and there's North Korea and there's fires, there's storms. It just overwhelms me with dread," the typically sunny woman told Seinfeld, as part of their conversation.

Seinfeld told her that he doesn't let himself go to those places in his mind and that he believes that each generation ends up having a lot of struggles to deal with. Indeed, the world-wide conflicts that everyone faces are more accessible these days due to social media and a 24-hour news cycle, so people find out what's happening all over the world in mere minutes from both news sources as well as the people who experience it and post about it on social media.

Although the worry about the world weighs heavily on DeGeneres's mind, it's not the reason she didn't end up having children.

"I thought I would have kids. When I was younger, I really wanted to have a baby. I thought I would adopt. I never thought I would have a baby, but I thought I'd want kids," she told the father-of-three. Jerry Seinfeld pointed out that she could still adopt kids.

"No, Portia doesn't want kids. She doesn't like the squealing when they're in a pool, that high-pitched squealing of joy that they have."

Despite her daily happiness, 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient experienced plenty of pain in her life. She lost her girlfriend, and somehow in her grief over that, she developed a bit about talking to God and asking questions that she ended up doing on Johnny Carson about five years later.

"And then the thing that changed my life, of course, is my girlfriend was killed in a car accident. And I just kept thinking, why is this 23-year-old girl that I loved just gone?" she said.

She wanted to ask God that question, and through that incredibly painful experience, she wrote up the bit having a phone call with God, and her appearance truly began her career.

Other stars who appear on the upcoming season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee include the late Jerry Lewis, Hasan Minhaj, Dana Carvey, Neil Brennan, Tracy Morgan, John Mulaney, and Dave Chappelle. The show premieres on Netflix on July 6.