July 1, 2018
John David Duggar And Abbie Grace Burnett Engage In PDA, Eyewitness Claims That They Broke A Courtship Rule

It's been less than a week since John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett broke the news that they were courting, and the conservative Christian couple is already being accused of breaking the Duggar family's strict dating rules.

The Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page recently shared a photo of John David, 28, and Abbie, 26, enjoying their first outing after announcing that they were a couple. The candid snapshot was allegedly taken on the same day that they made their big announcement, and it depicted the couple celebrating the official beginning of their relationship in an unusual way: by taking a romantic trip to Walmart.

What was even more unusual about their trip is that they were reportedly at the store without chaperones, and the eyewitness who took the photo of the couple said that John David got shockingly touchy-feely with Abbie.

"My source says they arrived at the store together unchaperoned," Pickles wrote. "My source also says that it looked like John grabbed Abbie's a** before he noticed there were other shoppers around and moved just before this photo was taken."

Unchaperoned outings are frowned upon by Duggar family, as is any kind of courtship PDA that isn't a quick side-hug. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell revealed that they weren't allowed to side-hug for longer than three seconds while they were courting. Joseph was also forbidden from placing his arm around Kendra when he was sitting next to his girlfriend, and holding hands and kissing were definite no-nos.

The Duggars like to remind fans that their courtship rules are restrictions that couples place on themselves, but most of the Duggars and their significant others have set similar strict standards for their relationships. The one exception might be Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar.

As reported by Wonderwall, Jeremy placed his arm around Jinger for much longer than three seconds while they were courting, and the former professional soccer player acted like he didn't even know what courtship rules were when a Counting On producer asked him about them. Jinger and Jeremy's PDA was so intense that Jim Bob Duggar tried to get them to cool it by saying that he didn't think that they were ready to "swap spit" yet.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, John David Duggar appears to have his arm around Abbie Grace Johnson in a photo that the couple recently shared on their joint Instagram page. Some fans are wondering whether the rules are different for John David because he's so much older than his married siblings were when they began courting.

"Do y'all have chaperones? Just wondering since you're older," read one response to their Instagram photo.

The couple hasn't yet responded to the query, but they'll likely share their personalized courtship rules with Counting On viewers sometime in the future.