FIFA Proves That World Soccer Is A Joke Again: Chile World Cup Expulsion Likely

Proving that world Soccer is an ongoing joke, FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football) is threatening that Chile will face World Cup Expulsion over a minor league issue in the country.

The drama is due to the most unlikely cause: Chilean club Rangers has taken legal action against the Chilean National League after they were dropped to the secondary league following a points penalty for fielding six foreign players, vs the league limit of five.

What should just be a local dispute was escalated into an international one of the grounds that FIFA believes that it is beyond local laws; specifically (and we’re not making this up), FIFA does not approve of civil or government intervention in footballing matters.

You read that right: FIFA doesn’t care a rats arse about local law, breach of contracts, or anything similar. But better still, the Chilean National Football (Soccer) body isn’t behind the legal action: a club is, but because a club is taking action under local law, Chile may be thrown out of FIFA and banned from the World Cup.

“We beseech your association to call on your affiliated club… to withdraw the case it took to the Chilean courts of justice within the next 72 hours or… announce the pertinent sanctions against your affiliated club,” a FIFA letter sent to Chile’s Football Association said according to Reuters.

Being good local citizens, the Chilean Football Association has suspended play in its postseason playoffs until the court case is decided.