July 1, 2018
'General Hospital' Welcomes Leslie Charleson Back As Monica, Actress Confirms Return Date

Leslie Charleson will return as General Hospital's Chief of Staff after a short absence from the role, the actress recently posted on her Twitter feed. Many GH fans were confused when Patty McCormack replaced her as Monica Quartermaine. ABC Soaps In Depth then confirmed that the role replacement was only temporarily as Charleson had injured her leg in a fall. Since soap operas storylines are written months in advance, General Hospital had to cast someone in this critical role. The General Hospital Facebook page also posted an official notice.

"Leslie's beloved dog, Riley Rose, was a little too eager for her morning walk and tripped Leslie, injuring her leg."

"Unfortunately she will need to be replaced in shows already written. We wish her a speedy recovery and all the best."

Charleson took the fall in April and was thus unable to continue working. However, she kept fans up to date on her recovery and thanked them for their support. She seemed eager to get back to work and to her role.
She has played the stalwart role of Monica Quartermaine since 1977, and although McCormack did a stellar job as the chief of staff, Charleson has become synonymous with the part and audiences had a difficult time reconciling Monica with the new actress.

According to Monsters and Critics, McCormack had to dig deep and assume the role of Monica. Two of the front burner plots that she was involved in was the Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) and Kiki (Erin Hayley) storyline. Although General Hospital viewers had an icky feeling about his character from the start, it seems as if the hospital staff never doubted his reputation. It was only when Kiki finally confessed that he had been sexually harassing her that people started taking note of who he was. Monica had to walk the tricky line of remaining impartial as accusations were flying.

Monica also took Nelle (Chloe Lanier) under her wing. When everyone else turned their backs on Nelle, she literally took her in and looked after her. She even hosted the baby shower where Nelle unfortunately fell. GH fans have enjoyed seeing the softer side of Monica who always puts family first.

Charleson tweeted that she would be back to work at General Hospital on Monday, July 23. However, ABC has not confirmed when the veteran actress's first airdate will be. Tune in for Quartermaine and Cassadine action on General Hospital, which airs every weekday on ABC.