July 1, 2018
Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Want LeBron James After Paul George Re-Signs

They got Paul George to re-sign. They got Carmelo Anthony to exercise his option. Russell Westbrook's solid. Now, Oklahoma City Thunder fans want LeBron James.

Could King James play in Oklahoma City?

Inquisitr reported that earlier tonight, Paul George announced he's "here to stay" at a party Russell Westbrook threw in Oklahoma City near Lake Arcadia. George inked a four-year, $137 million max contract with the Thunder with a player option for the fourth year. Amidst the celebration, ESPN reported that Oklahoma City forward Jerami Grant also agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract, which also excited fans.

Now, fans dare to hope that somehow Oklahoma City could get LeBron James, who most people think could sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, rumors pointed to Paul George signing with the Lakers, too, and that didn't happen.

"With PG13 officially working on a new deal in Oklahoma City along with Carmelo Anthony opting in his contract is the thunder a team that LeBron James could actually go to? If there's a wild card team in the LeBron James free agency frenzy it's definitely OKC," Twitter user Peyton Sawyer tweeted.

It's undoubtedly a prevailing sentiment with fans at least throwing it out like a pie in the sky wish. Obviously, the Thunder can't honestly afford LeBron James.

However, stranger things have happened in the past. Players play for less than they're worth and sometimes teams pay a luxury tax to attract the biggest and best stars. LeBron James to Oklahoma City sounds outrageous, but so do a lot of other things.

Ever since Kevin Durant shocked the world and became one of the NBA's biggest villains by leaving Oklahoma City to go to the Golden State Warriors, the team he blew a 3-1 lead to in the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors have been almost unstoppable. They've won two championships despite LeBron James' valiant efforts two years in a row.

The first year after Durant left, Westbrook carried the team on his back and managed to win the league MVP. Last year, Oklahoma City acquired Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. Now, if LeBron joined them, they'd also be unstoppable.

Twitter user Wayne Cee also sees the possibility.

"@KingJames You win a ring immediately if you did the right thing and slap Kevin Durant and The NBA in the face by becoming the fourth All-Star of the Oklahoma City Thunder."