Kylie Jenner Shares Photo Of Stormi After Vowing To No Longer Post Pics Of Her Daughter

Stormi comes back to social media, sort of.

Kylie Jenner attends the Jeremy Scott show.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Stormi comes back to social media, sort of.

Kylie Jenner is back to sharing photos of her daughter, Stormi Webster. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star previously revealed that she was done sharing snapshots of her baby girl. However, over the weekend, she decided to post a photo of the 5-month-old.

According to a June 30 report by Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner deleted all of the photos from her Instagram account that showed off baby Stormi’s face. Kylie was previously sharing adorable pictures of her little girl, but changed her mind about her social media posts in early June. Since that time, Kylie has been cutting Stormi out of her photos.

However, on Saturday, Jenner decided to share a photo of Stormi. While fans were happy to see baby Stormi again, her face was obstructed from the photo. In the sweet snapshot, Stormi is lying on Kylie’s chest, and Jenner revealed that there is “nothing better.” She also shared another photo of the baby girl lying on her bed. However, the camera was not zoomed in, and it’s hard to see Stormi’s face in the photograph.

As soon as Kylie Jenner deleted the photos of Stormi, fans immediately began to speculate about why she decided to quit sharing photos of the baby girl. While Kylie did not confirm, she only said she was done sharing pics of Stormi for the foreseeable future.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kylie was allegedly worried about some scary threats that she had been getting regarding baby Stormi, so she and Travis Scott are reportedly being very cautious when it comes to their little one.

“Kylie has been really worried lately because she has been getting threats and it is scaring the crap out of her. Travis is worried too and he ordered her to take down all photos of Stormi and not put up any new photos of her online until further notice. She isn’t taking any chances though. Kylie has upped her security on her entire family and her home and she is no longer going to parade her baby around like an accessory anymore,” an insider told Radar Online.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner recently revealed that although little Stormi is only 5-months-old, she has already started planning her “epic” first birthday party. It looks like Kylie has plenty of time before her daughter’s birthday in February to make sure everything is perfect for the big bash.