June 30, 2018
Woman Dies After Jumping For Joy When Brazil Won World Cup Match And Accidentally Falling On Broken Wine Glass

A moment of pure joy turned to tragedy when a Brazilian fan celebrating her team's World Cup win accidentally fell onto a wine glass and suffered a fatal injury.

The bizarre incident took place this week after Brazil's win over Serbia in the group round of the World Cup. Tamra Maiochi jumped for joy as the final whistle sounded, but slipped as she was leaping and dropped her wine glass on the ground. The glass shattered just before Tamra landed on the ground, and the razor-sharp shards of glass cut into her neck, severing her jugular vein, the Express reported.

Tamra's friends rushed to help her, covering the wound with towels, but Tamra's wounds were too deep and she died before paramedics could even arrive, the report noted.

Ironically, just weeks before her death, the Brazilian fan had mused on social media about the unpredictable nature of life. She shared a video about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving and shared a message about accidents.

"We never imagine that something like this can happen to us. But accidents do happen," she wrote. "In my religion, spiritism, I believe that everything happens for a reason."

The match was a critical one for Brazil, as the team needed a win to ensure they would move through to the round of 16. The win erased some early struggles and kept Brazil, considered among the favorites to win the World Cup, alive and able to advance.

Tamra's death drew international attention, with many sharing condolences and lamenting the freak set of circumstances that led to her death. And her's was not the only death while celebrating Brazil's World Cup run; in Beirut, a Lebanese fan supporting the Brazilian team was murdered while celebrating Germany's exit from the tournament, Newsweek reported.

Mohammad Zaher was allegedly stabbed to death by two neighbors who happened to be rooting for Germany. The man died instantly, the report noted. His murder shocked many in the area, especially as neither Brazil nor Germany had any connection to Lebanon.

"This is ridiculous. To kill someone because of a football match is beyond crazy," one fan told Lebanese newspaper Annahar."We're not even German or Brazilian."

Police are investigating the death of Tamra Maiochi, but said all signs point to it being a freak accident. She was laid to rest on Friday, three days before Brazil takes on Mexico for a chance to advance to the round of eight.