‘Roseanne’ Spin-Off: Possible Storylines For ‘The Conners’ Revealed

The Conners
Adam Rose / ABC

The Roseanne spin-off is set to begin airing on ABC this fall, and fans don’t exactly know what to expect from the series, which is entitled The Conners. However, there are many possible directions the series could take without its former lead star, Roseanne Barr.

According to a June 30 report by TVLine, the Roseanne spin-off will have to explain Roseanne’s absence, and one of the ways to do so is to have the character die. In the last episode of the show, it was revealed that the family’s matriarch would be having surgery on her knee. It seems that the surgery could be the perfect opportunity to kill off the character.

Meanwhile, The Conners will have even more time to focus on the rest of the family, such as Roseanne and Dan’s children. As many viewers of the original series know, the oldest Conner daughter, Becky (Lecy Goranson) was once a star student. However, after getting married young, she never finished her education. Becky could go back to school in the spin-off and finally land her dream job.

Meanwhile, the other Conner daughter, Darlene (Sara Gilbert), may also get a better job. Darlene has a love of writing, and The Conners could see her finally get to pursue that dream in a real way. Meanwhile, there will be at least one mother and daughter relationship to explore between Jackie and Bev.

If Roseanne were to die, it seems that Jackie and Bev wouldn’t have her as a buffer between them any longer. They would also have to help each other mourn the loss of their family member.

Of course, Dan Conner (John Goodman) would also have to move on from Roseanne’s presumed passing. In the last season of the show, Dan and DJ had a nice moment while they worked on a motorcycle together in their garage. They even joked about owning a business together, which could be a point of interest for the upcoming spin-off.

In addition, The Conners could see some big homecomings as well. Characters such as Darlene’s husband, David (Johnny Galecki), Dan and Roseanne’s youngest son, Jerry Garcia Conner, and Jackie’s son, Andy, could all return for the new series. DJ’s wife could also return from deployment, and fans may also finally learn what happened to Roseanne and Jackie’s restaurant, The Lunch Box.

While nothing has been confirmed, fans will be able to watch The Conners as a part of ABC’s fall line up later this year.