No, Netflix Isn't Releasing A 'God Of War' Series Next Month

According to Snopes, it was in April of this year that a promotional poster surfaced on a fan page dedicated to the God of War video game claiming a Netflix Original series titled God of War would be released by the streaming giant.

What's On Netflix– a fan site dedicated to Netflix news – confirmed the viral post circulating social media claiming the God of War series has a release date of July 15 isn't real. "Sorry folks, it's not happening and you've been bamboozled," the fan site confirms.

As Netflix subscribers know all too well, this isn't the first time a fake promotional poster of a Netflix Original series that didn't exist surfaced via social media. Early last year, a fake promotional piece surfaced claiming Netflix had a Resident Evil series in the works. Ironically, there was also a fake trailer released for A Series of Unfortunate Events several years ago. A few months after the fake trailer released, the streaming giant did reveal they actually had A Series of Unfortunate Events in the works.

While Netflix subscribers and fans of the God of War game series can certainly hope for a repeat of that ironic situation, What's On Netflix does not believe one is anywhere on the horizon.

For Netflix subscribers who are unfamiliar with the title, God of War is the name of a game franchise owned by Sony with a huge following that recently released a new installment.

The Facebook post above, posted at the end of April, has been shared over 150,000 times with over 80,000 reactions and 70,000 comments. The post still has very recent comments questioning whether the promotional poster and series is real or not.

What's On Netflix went on to speculate the likelihood of a God of War series. According to the fan site, Sony would likely produce a movie before producing a series.

Gamers, however, do not have to be completely disappointed as Netflix is currently working on a series based on a video game titled The Witcher. The Netflix Original series, however, is still in the early stages of development. So, it may be a while before Netflix subscribers get to see this series.

Those who liked the idea of Jason Momoa starring in a God of War series can watch Frontier, a Netflix Original starring Momoa. Momoa is also currently wrapping up the production of Aquaman.

Unfortunately, the closest thing gamers and Netflix subscribers can get to watching God of War is enjoying the cutscenes from the video games.