Woman Falls Through Ceiling In Botched Attempt To Evade Police In Canada

Twitter users are calling this security footage a 'silent masterpiece.'

Twitter users are calling this security footage a 'silent masterpiece.'

A 29-year-old woman in Alberta, Canada learned a few hard lessons following a botched attempt to evade police after trying to use a stolen credit card to make a purchase including “what goes up must come down” and a ceiling isn’t a good escape route.

According to CTV News, the owner of the King Street Reddi Mart called police after a woman – identified as Brittany Burke and a 28-year-old man named Richard Pariseau – attempted to make a purchase using a stolen credit card.

Caught on the Reddi Mart’s closed security cameras, the pair could be seen attempting to run away from the police officers who responded to the call from the owner. At one point in time, the owner of the store had a hold of Pariseau to prevent him from escaping. When the man broke free from the owner’s grasp, the police officer could be seen chasing after him in the footage.

The man – who is assumed to be the boyfriend of the female – also appeared to push his assumed girlfriend into the police officer in an attempt to escape.

The woman’s attempt to evade police turned into an intense game of hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, the ceiling proved to be a bad hiding place. Not only did the security camera catch the woman going up into the ceiling, she shortly after came crashing down onto the floor of the main floor of the store where the police were.

After her botched attempt to get away, the woman did hold up her hands and surrender before laying down on the floor. While the woman did not have anymore fight in her after falling through the ceiling, her male companion had to be tasered before he was arrested.

CTV News reports that Pariseau faces 11 different charges including resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, attempt to disarm a police officer, resisting someone aiding a police officer, and using a stolen credit card. Burke, on the other hand, only faces three charges including obstruction of a police officer, mischief under $5,000, and using a stolen credit card.

Twitter and YouTube users can’t seem to get enough of the hilarious security footage of the botched escape. A YouTube user named Venemous paired the video footage with the classic song “Yakety Sax,” captioning the video “When a convenience store robbery goes wrong…”

In the comments section, many agreed the video was “hilarious.” One user even said they wished they could give the person who created the video an award.

On Twitter, people called the video footage a “silent masterpiece” with a “surprise ending.”