June 29, 2018
Duggar Family Supposedly Preparing For Josiah And Lauren's Nuptials On Saturday

The rumor that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are getting married on June 30 looks like it may be true after all. The family is apparently gearing up for the nuptials taking place tomorrow, according to the Facebook page called Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray. They have been saying all along that this was the actual date for the Duggar wedding, not New Year's Eve, which was what had been suggested.

There was apparently a bunch of hubbub, even more than usual, at the Duggar compound. An onlooker had snapped a couple of photos of the happenings surrounding Josiah and Lauren's big day. It also looks like Jinger and Jeremy may have possibly arrived in Arkansas for the festivities. A snapshot of what looked like Jeremy was spotted walking around with his phone in hand.

Jinger is heavily pregnant with her and Jeremy's first child. At 37 weeks along in her pregnancy, it was a toss up on whether she would make the trip to see her younger brother get married, but it appears that she may have made the choice to be there after all.

Josiah and Lauren announced their engagement in March, so the timing is perfect for a June wedding for this couple. The Duggar tradition seems to lean toward a three month period between popping the question and heading to the altar.

Another Duggar tradition that the reality stars take part in is chaperoning a family member who is dating or engaged so they don't get too frisky with each other before they say I do. Recent photos that were posted by the groom-to-be had the engaged couple visiting a favorite Duggar spot called Silver Dollar City. Josiah and Lauren spent the day there having fun, but everyone seemed to pick up that they appeared to be alone together with no chaperone.

Now this could be true since some of the Counting On stars have been making their own rules somewhat, or at the very least modifying Jim Bob's rules just a bit. However, there could very well have been someone standing by out of view of the camera. It may be that the whole family was there with them as well since they love that place so much.

The wedding of Josiah and Lauren will most likely be airing sometime during this upcoming season of Counting On starting on July 30. Look for their courtship and everything leading up to the big day. In addition, Jinger Duggar's pregnancy will be the focus as well. Also be on the lookout for the courtship of John-David and his new girl, Abbie. They should be announcing their own exciting news soon enough.