Heather Locklear Faces New Charges In Assault On Police And EMT

The sheriff's department has turned over evidence to the district attorney.

Actress Heather Locklear arrives for the premiere of Dimension Films' 'Scary Movie 5' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome
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The sheriff's department has turned over evidence to the district attorney.

Heather Locklear has had a revolving door with the local police, with the most dramatic event happening after Locklear’s parents called the police to their house. The actor was arrested after she assaulted an officer and an EMT, but now the charges against her have increased.

Radar Online says that Locklear had another event after getting released from jail, and now she is at a rehab facility after an overdose. But that isn’t stopping the police and the district attorney from building a case against her.

Ventura County Senior Deputy District Attorney Thomas Dunlevy says that the sheriff’s office has forwarded additional information from the Locklear case to aid them in their prosecution. Dunlevy would only say the information is still under review.

Locklear was arrested for assault at her home and was booked on charges and released on bail, only to require aid from authorities the next day.

Heather Locklear has her next court date on August 9 for another legal matter, and then on August 23 for the above assault charges. Altogether, the Melrose Place actor is facing four misdemeanor charges and is also still facing felony domestic violence charges in an alleged assault on her boyfriend, Chris Heisser.

A friend of Locklear’s believes that she has finally hit “rock bottom” and can now accept help for the drug and alcohol problems that she has been suffering. Locklear’s parents and daughter have tried, with little success, to get her help.

“Heather is hitting rock bottom and her daughter and other family members are seriously concerned for her health and well-being. It breaks her daughter’s heart that Heather has been in so much trouble recently, and Ava has been pleading with her mom to get help.”

Her friend explains that the violent behavior is out of character for Heather, who has always been very laid back.

“Her recent troubles with the law is not who Heather is nor who she wants to be. Heather is a nice, sweet, kind, and generous person who feels she has hit her final rough patch. She is ready for some major life changes. It seems her last trip to jail was a real wake up call for her because she feels miserable, is sincerely sorry, and ready to do things differently. She feels demoralized and never wants to do go through that ever again.”

Locklear’s friend says that sobering up behind bars opened her eyes, and now she finally wants help. Locklear will find out what kind of charges she faces before her hearing.