Oppo’s Lamborghini Smartphone Matched With Truly Wireless Headphones

The Inquisitr recently reported on a new smartphone known as the Find X, manufactured by Oppo. Yes, it is a literal Lamborghini phone, and the innovative device is causing a lot of hype and stir. Set to come out in August 2018, this will be a first for Oppo in the Western Hemisphere. The Oppo Find X looks just as flashy and luxurious as anything with the Lamborghini brand attached to it, based off the various clips and images being shared on Instagram by both the company and fans.

Today, reports came in on the Verge stating that a new unveiling has occurred. Not only is the public going to be given a mechanical camera sliding phone that is sleek and without any grooves and ridges, but phone users who partake in this technological advancement of the Lamborghini edition Find X will also have the chance to use Oppo’s newest creation at no extra charge. O-Free will roll out as bundle with the Find X Lamborghini styled smartphone this fall. August is right around the corner, and anticipation for this new design is building. The O-Free headset, which will be entirely wireless, serves as an additional incentive to invest in Oppo’s newest upcoming release.

These headphones are built off of the recently announced QCC3026 chipset from Qualcomm. If that lingo makes hardly any sense, it’s understandable, as most people likely aren’t up to speed with every release going on in the tech industry, especially when it comes to the products that phone manufacturers themselves are purchasing to engineer these devices. Qualcomm’s GCC3026 chipset is a cheaper version of the company’s previously rolled-out flagship chipset, the QCC5100. Basically, we’re talking about how manufacturers such as Oppo avoid having to build their own truly wireless headphones by using Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo Technology. These chipsets are what makes up Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chips for headphones. More on this information can also be found on the Verge.

Oppo has used the chipset and TrueWireless Stereo Technology to give customers what they have asked for: Completely and utterly wireless headphones with better power management and connectivity. How long will the charge on these headphones last? Users are looking at about four hours worth of music, or whatever the choice may be, per charge. The carrying case for the O-Free headphones will serve as the charging port. This case will also be able to offer listeners an additional 12 hours worth of listening time. As far as colors go, it seems choices will be the same as the Find X. Red and Blue color options will be available.

For those who do not plan on purchasing the Lamborghini Find X edition from Oppo, they will not receive a complimentary pair of the O-Free buds; however, the headphones will be available for purchase separately for approximately $106 USD.