Gwen Stefani Says Blake Shelton Changed Her Life

Amanda Lynne

Gwen Stefani just can't stop gushing over Blake Shelton. The singer and former Voice star recently revealed that her country music superstar boyfriend "changed" her life following her heartbreaking divorce from Gavin Rossdale.

According to a June 29 report by E! Online, Gwen Stefani recently sat down for an interview to dish on her new Las Vegas residency, but she couldn't help gushing over her life, children, and lovely relationship with Blake Shelton, whom she has been dating for more than two and a half years now.

"He's my homeboy. He's my homey. He's just really an amazing all-around human so I feel so grateful for that. I celebrate him in the show, He's inspired me so much. He's changed my life. I was like, 'You changed my show, you changed my life.' Such an inspiration," Gwen said of her romance with Blake.

Gwen Stefani also revealed that why she doesn't know the future, or if she and Blake Shelton will get married, she does know that she has "a lot to look forward to." Meanwhile, as for her career, she knows that while she can easily dive into living simple life, she still craves the stage.

Of course, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's adorable romance comes with a lot of speculation. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, just last month rumors were flying that Gwen may be expecting a baby with Blake and that her friends believed she could be hiding a tiny bump.

"Those that see her daily are convinced she might finally be pregnant with Blake's baby. She has always wanted a girl and it's clear to everyone Gwen really loves Blake a lot and they have always talked about having their own family together. She has been also wearing baggier clothing lately and friends feel like she must be keeping a secret. At 48, her friends feel it would be a miracle baby but they can only guess what's really going on and hope for her to break the news soon," sources previously told Hollywood Life.

However, for now, it seems that Gwen Stefani is extremely happy with her family life and her relationship with Blake Shelton, which she says has inspired her and changed not only her outlook on music, but her life as well.