Iggy Azalea Blasts People Who Imply She Should Be Modeling Instead Of Rapping

Iggy Azalea is not interested in the opinions of people who believe she should be modeling instead of singing.

The 28-year-old Australian rapper took to social this week to announce that she would be releasing a new single soon. When some people commented that she should focus on modeling, Iggy was ready with a response.

"'We said modeling' I didn't ask for your order," she tweeted Wednesday."I didn't even make you a plate. I'll serve up whatever the f*** I please."

The rap star went on to tell over 8 million followers that she would not let anyone ruin the "good mood or creative happy space" that she has been in lately. According to the rapper, it has taken years for her to get in a happy place which she refuses to let anybody ruin.

In May, Yahoo reported that Iggy spoke out against a tweet that said, "Iggy [Azalea] needs [to] leave the mic and model more." The rapper accused the person of trying to objectify and silence women with a backhanded compliment.

Earlier in June, Iggy revealed that taking pictures gave her a creative outlet to utilize when she was waiting for new music to come out.

"Most days I want my project to drop, yesterday... but I don't get to make those choices," Iggy previously tweeted. "Maybe it's silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more positive and just keep my mind in a creative space constantly thinking of new visual things and color palates. I'm really glad I've got something I can do without needing permission."

For Iggy, it is important to have that sense of creativity because she has battled with depression in the past. Fans of the rapper have witnessed her publicly battle people like rapper Azealia Banks, rap legend Snoop Dogg, Tyler the Creator and a list of others.

In 2016, the rapper told the Los Angeles, California radio station Power 106 FM that some of the criticism that she received early in her career made her contemplate committing suicide. Last year Iggy said she received intensive therapy for two weeks in Arizona to help her through some of her mental health struggles, according to Billboard.

Now, it seems the singer is back in a place where her creativity and happiness are her main focus. According to her latest tweets, she is no longer giving her critics any power over her happiness.