Terry Crews Posts Viral Response To Critics Who Claim It’s His Fault For Not Stopping His Sexual Assault

Richard DrewAP Images

Terry Crews has an answer for the critics who said he didn’t do enough to stop his sexual assault — it’s not my fault.

The actor this week testified before Senate about his claim that he was groped by a Hollywood producer at a party in 2016. As the New York Times reported, Crews spoke during a hearing on a law that would allow sexual assault survivors greater ability to present evidence to their claims. During the hearing, the actor and former NFL player responded to questions of why he simply didn’t fight off his alleged attacker.

“You’re a big, powerful man,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein. “Why didn’t you [fight back]?”

“Senator, as a black man in America, you only have a few shots at success,” Crews answered. “You only have a few chances to make yourself a viable member of the community.”

During the testimony, Crews also claimed that the attack was a show of power from someone in Hollywood who could sink his career.

“The assault lasted only minutes,” Crews said, “but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand was that he held the power. That he was in control.”

He went on to explain that the assault has put his career in jeopardy, and that he would not be appearing in The Expendables 4 after saying an influential Hollywood producer tried to silence him when he spoke out about the 2016 incident. That has led many to speak out in support of Crews, commending him for showing that if an assault can happen to a large and powerful man, it can happen to anyone.

Despite his explanation, Terry Crews still faced criticism that as a much larger man than his alleged attacker, he is responsible for not stopping the attack. As The Grio noted, rapper 50 Cent and mogul Russell Simmons both took to social media to mock Crews for expressing that he felt helpless after the attack. The rapper posted a mocking meme with a picture of Crews and the words “I got raped, my wife just watched.”

On Friday, Terry Crews posted a response that quickly went viral, explaining the he did everything he could to stop the assault short of beating up his attacker.

The post went viral almost immediately, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and shares and prompting many to praise Terry Crews for how he has handled his situation and helped bring to light the male victims of sexual assault.