Derick Dillard Slams Media Over Coverage Of Jazz Jennings

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Derick Dillard is not done speaking out about Jazz Jennings yet. He has taken to social media once again to speak out against the gender confirmation surgery of the I am Jazz star and this time, Dillard has slammed the media as well for their coverage of this story. The former Counting On star took to Twitter to again state his opinion on what he thinks about Jennings transforming from a male to a female. He didn’t stop there. He went on to blast the media as well.

Along with his post, Dillard included the most recent article from People magazine that talked about how Jazz is feeling post-surgery. It stated that the 17-year-old is doing great. This brought Derick to spill his feelings on how the media should not be encouraging this story and others like it. He had previously made his feelings known that he is totally against changing genders, especially minors, even calling it child abuse.

“This kind of thinking should not be encouraged by media. A system that allows this kind of child abuse is clearly broken.”

The comments started pouring in almost immediately, blasting the dad-of-two out of the water. Most of the people who commented told him to keep his opinions to himself. Even those who tend to agree with him stated that he should think before he speaks.

Just recently, Derick had posted a blog entry on The Dillard Family site explaining what it means to follow what Jesus said in the Bible. He explains what it means to love and respect others but still disagree with the situation.

“When we interact with people who we do not agree with, it is imperative that we act with utmost gentleness and respect towards them. We need to display the genuine love of Christ before everyone. People are not our enemy; the darkness and sin of this world is. However, this call to respect and gentleness is not opposed to our responsibility to be a voice for truth, justice, and common sense in society.”

Derick Dillard has, for the most part, been posting photos and videos of him and his family lately on social media. He has said that he is focusing on making memories with his family. However, he has focused on this story of Jazz Jennings as well. His posts have gotten him into trouble with TLC in the past and now he seems to have specifically called out People as well.

As one person commented, the magazine has faithfully covered Duggar news for years. Between the family’s courtships, weddings, and babies coming fast and furious these days, there is more than enough to write about. Just like any other publication, they post all kinds of news that is out there. It is obvious that Derick is not happy that they choose to “glamorize” the story of Jazz’s gender transformation.

Despite the people who blasted Dillard for saying what he did, there were others who agreed wholeheartedly with what he said.