Demi Lovato Shows Major Cleavage In Latest Instagram Post

Despite the news of her recent relapse, Demi Lovato has still been flaunting it all for the cameras.

On her Instagram account, Demi is known for showing off her infamous curves and posting a ton of sexy photos for her 68 million plus followers. Yesterday was no exception. In her most recent post, Lovato takes a selfie in the mirror of what appears to be her dressing room. As she holds up her phone, fans can catch a glimpse of a few of the tattoos on her arm.

The singer looks absolutely flawless with fierce eyebrows, long eyelashes, and smoky eyeshadow. She wears her long, dark locks straight and down and seems as though she may also be wearing some extensions. To go along with her dark hair and eye makeup, the singer dons a sexy black number that leaves little to the imagination, exposing both her legs as well as her ample cleavage.

Within just one day of the post, Demi’s fans went absolutely wild over the photo, giving it over 2.8 million likes in addition to 22,000 comments. Many of her fans, who lovingly refer to themselves as Lovatics, commented on the photo to let Demi know that she is absolutely stunning while countless other fans took the opportunity to wish Lovato well in her relapse and recovery.

“You are so beautiful and perfect.”

“You’re the Best demi!! Never forget that,” another fan gushed.

As many of her fans know, Demi recently revealed that she suffered a relapse after six years of sobriety. As the Inquisitr shared, the “Confident” singer recently released an emotional new single entitled “Sober.” After the 25-year-old’s past struggles with drugs and alcohol, the lyrics to her new track “indicate that she has unfortunately fallen off of the wagon and relapsed on her sobriety,” and the lyrics definitely say it all.

“Mama, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore/And Daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor.”

Lovato tearfully performed her newest single “Sober” for the first time on her Tell Me You Love Me Tour, three days after it’s announcing its release. Following the emotional show, Lovato took to her Instagram account and thanked everyone who has offered her support during this difficult time.

“Tonight I took the stage, a new person with a new life. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey. It will never be forgotten.”

Lovato is currently finishing her tour in Europe and then will take a little break before she resumes touring in the United States at the end of July.