Farrah Abraham Is Hoping J.J. Abrams Will Work With Her For 'Teen Mom' Movie

Controversial reality TV star Farrah Abraham has got some big plans and big names in mind for her movie, and she's hoping to turn her movie dreams into reality. As reported by TooFab, the former Teen Mom OG has reportedly set her sights and is focusing on a new area of Hollywood, and it involves her upcoming film.

Abraham is currently working on her first mainstream film -- an adaptation of her book "My Teenage Dream Ended" and at a recent appearance while at the opening of Scores Atlantic City, Abraham spoke about her very ambitious plans for the film.

"I'm working on storyboards right now and the screenplay, it's really a project and a challenge, and it's crazy good," she said. "I can't wait, I'm on my first draft right now, and it's going beyond what was said in the book. The book is a classic, and that's where everything stems from, and that's the main storyline, which we need to stick with. But I also think showing some before, and after the show is really what the fans want, so we're getting that, and I can't wait to show that. It's going to be very interesting."

As for who she hopes will work with her on the project, Abraham has set her sights on the best of the best and his hoping to work with some pretty big names in the business.

"We're going to have a real casting director, producers, the best of the best for everything," she says of the upcoming movie. "Maybe I'll work with J.J. Abrams, there are some other people on my top list. The production companies associated with 'I, Tonya,' I really think they would get this storyline as well. So I can't wait to see who's the best fit."

The Teen Mom OG has made countless headlines over the past years since starring in the breakout series on MTV, often for her diva and outlandish antics captured by paparazzi and on social media.

Back in October 2017, Abraham was fired from the reality show due to the way she treated crew members and because of her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. At the time of her, firing Abraham told RadarOnline, "I am forever a Teen Mom. We gave birth to the TV show. I love all my Teen Mom fans. I love all my mom bosses."

The outspoken mother of one is aware that she will be hard to replace recently throwing shade at her replacement on the show, Cheyenne Floyd. As reported by OK! Magazine, Abraham shared her thoughts on Floyd saying "I don't even know that name. She's not a filler!" The Ashley's Reality Roundup first reported that Cheyenne from the MTV show Are You The One? is the newest cast member. The reality star shares a daughter, Ryder, with The Challenge star, Cory Wharton.