‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Liz’s Son Cameron Aged, Her Transgender Childhood Friend Coming [Spoilers]

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General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth is facing some adjustments in the days ahead as casting news details a couple of Liz-related developments. Viewers know that the show has been teasing that she will open the door and face a shocking reunion soon, and all signs point to one of these reportedly new cast members behind on the other side of the door.

The Inquisitr has shared details about the juicy General Hospital spoiler promo teasing that Elizabeth will soon be shocked by a visitor knocking at her door. There are a lot of theories swirling about who might be paying Liz a visit, and some of the possibilities are pretty wild. Now some seemingly confirmed casting decisions have emerged that might narrow the possibilities down on the identity of this visitor.

There has been talk for a while that the ages of the kids in Port Charles are wonky. For example, kids who are supposed to be the same age, or older, than Josslyn have remained young. Teens are usually front and center during the summers on the soaps, but General Hospital doesn’t have much to work with on that front at the moment. Emma and Spencer are out of town and Liz’s kids are hardly ever seen these days.

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According to ABC Soaps in Depth, that is about to change slightly. A somewhat older Cameron is about to hit Port Charles and his presence could shake things up for Josslyn and Oscar. As General Hospital fans know, Cameron’s biological father is Zander, whom Elizabeth had a one-night fling with years ago. However, Lucky treated Cam as his own son and sadly, Cameron has been without a father figure for a while now.

Young actor Cade McWatt is reportedly joining General Hospital as an older Cameron. McWatt is a soap newcomer, but it appears that his father is Chris McWatt, whom some might recognize from HGTV’s Weekend Warriors. So far, McWatt’s first airdate has not been revealed. Viewers will be curious to see if the soap ages any other kids in Port Charles to give Cameron, Oscar, and Josslyn more teens to hang out with in the weeks ahead.

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Another bit of General Hospital casting news has emerged that is also related to Elizabeth. SheKnows Soaps reveals that Cassandra James is joining GH and she will play an old childhood friend of Elizabeth’s. There have been some references to a friend of Liz’s, perhaps an old flame, who has transitioned and is now a female, and it looks like that’s where James comes into the picture.

Featuring a storyline with a transgender character, which it seems is on the horizon, will generate a lot of buzz for the show. Cassandra is actually a transgender woman, and Soap Opera Spy points out that she is an American-Canadian actress who already has a big social media following. Will this surprise visitor turn out to be someone familiar to viewers or an entirely new character?

These new cast members come at a time when General Hospital fans are saying goodbye to some other Port Charles residents. Ryan Paevey recently left as Nathan and Dominic Zamprogna is soon departing as Dante. It was also just revealed that Chloe Lanier is apparently leaving as Nelle soon as well. How will this new Cameron and the character played by Cassandra James shake things up upon their arrival? General Hospital spoilers hint that fans will find out soon and it seems there is great stuff on the way.