‘Fortnite’ Season 4, Week 9: How To Complete Challenges To Earn Battle Stars And XP


The newest weekly challenges in Fortnite are live for Season 4, Week 9 and there’s a fair bit of research that goes on behind the scenes to provide players with an edge on how best to complete them. For those unfamiliar, Fortnite players who purchased this season’s Battle Pass at a cost of 950 V-Bucks – or approximately $10 USD according to Variety – are entitled to participate in a series of weekly events that will net them points that can be put toward cool new costumes and skins as well as other cosmetic enhancements.

This week’s challenges follow.

Deal 500 explosive weapon damage to opponents: Sounds easy, but is easier said than done – at least in a single match. This is going to take players more than one ride on the battle bus to complete. Explosives are difficult to arc but pack a serious punch! Make sure to use the most common explosive – grenades – whenever you see them spawn on the map. It may not be pretty but you’ll need to also consider hiding inside to get the drop on unsuspecting opponents as it’s much harder to dodge a grenade in cramped quarters than in the great outdoors.

Search seven chests in Moisty Mire: Thankfully there are a lot of chests placed in the area of Moisty Mire, so this task shouldn’t be too daunting. The biggest cluster of chest spawns is located in the film set area, while there are also smaller constellations of chests to the northeast and southwest of the set.


Use a Shopping Cart: Simple enough. It appears that players will only have to do this once during the contest period so make sure to get a bit of wheel time in. If you’re having a hard time finding a shopping cart, they frequently show up at the racetrack north of Moisty Mire, on the east side of Retail Row, and finally on the western side of Loot Lake.

Visit the center of named locations in a single match: The most brutal challenge on the list, this may prove difficult. The goal here is to make it to the center of four distinct locations during a single game, raising a flag successfully in each. Survival alone may be difficult, but depending on your luck with the circle, it may prove almost impossible. Make sure to avoid dropping down from the battle bus directly into highly populated areas such as Tilted Towers at the beginning of the match if you want to snag this one.

Follow the treasure map found in Haunted Hills: Another week, another treasure hunt. The map lies in Junk Junction atop a mound of cars near the northern border.

Get four shotgun eliminations: As with the explosives advice above, stay inside, camp out, and lay into unsuspecting prey – there’s not much else to say.

Eliminate four opponents in Anarchy Acres: Another fan favorite, Anarchy Acres lives up to its name, inviting multi-player infighting and an opportunity to step in and steal a few eliminations right out from under an opponent’s nose. Let players weaken and expose themselves, then pounce.


There’s also a hidden Battle Star which is illuminated in an always-handy cheat sheet provided by Twitter user @squatingdog, a community member well known for his helpful tips and tricks in defeating the latest season challenges in Fortnite.

Featured image credit: Christian PetersonGetty Images

As always, happy hunting, keep it clean, and have fun hunting down treasure chests and getting enemy eliminations along the way in the constant quest for the ultimate victory royale! Fame and fortune may come to those who are persistent enough, skilled enough, and lucky enough to break out into the burgeoning Fortnite esports scene.