Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Reportedly Call It Quits

Avra Madison/Ethan MillerGetty Images

After five years together, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are on the outs.

Though Holmes and Foxx never actually confirmed that they were indeed dating, it was pretty apparent that they were a couple, albeit a very private one. But a new report from Radar Online is now claiming that the rumored couple has called it quits. While Katie was allegedly planning her “dream wedding” to marry Foxx, she has had a change of heart.

A source tells the publication that Holmes can’t get over her trust issues and the supposed wedding has been called off. After years of hiding their relationship, the couple were expected to throw a lavish wedding and celebrate their love while also confirming their relationship to the public, but that isn’t going to happen anymore.

“Katie’s called the whole thing off! She’s devastated.”

According to the source, the breakup was done by Holmes, who was heartbroken when she told Jamie that she just couldn’t do it anymore. But the split was amicable and there was no yelling or screaming and Jamie apologized for anything that he did. But at the end of the day, Katie just couldn’t go on anymore.

One of the stressors on the couple’s relationship was the fact that Jamie wanted to keep the “we’re just friends” thing for the public while Katie was starting to get humiliated by that. As many fans know, Katie infamously vowed to stay single for five years after her divorce from Tom Cruise, but since those five years were up, many thought that Katie would finally confirm her relationship with Jamie.

“She had hoped that she and Jamie’s now-infamous walk on the beach would be the first of many public outings, but he still wanted to keep things hidden and status quo — even as he’s seen out with other women.”

In addition, Jamie’s “single” behavior rubbed Katie the wrong way. Even though he was dating Holmes, Jamie still loved to go bar hopping and it made Katie feel jealous. She also worried that Jamie may cheat on her since he is a huge flirt. And prior to the wedding, Holmes also reportedly drew up a prenup with a no-cheating clause, but Jamie wasn’t exactly a fan of the idea.

“Katie noticed a total lack of respect in Jamie’s behavior. She knew it wasn’t healthy for her or Suri, and she has to protect them both,” the source dished.

Since the split, Katie has supposedly been on a few dates with a New York City lawyer but is continuing to keep her romances out of the public eye, at least for now.