WWE ‘NXT UK Championship’ Results, Noam Dar Returns And Toni Storm & Shayna Baszler Steal The Show


The WWE NXT United Kingdom Championship came to a conclusion on Tuesday night, and as expected, the event thrilled fans from beginning to end. Pre-taped, the WWE NXT UK Championship aired over the course of two nights. The WWE aired the tournament on Monday, and Tuesday was the championship matches that were earned during the tournament. The Inquisitr previously reported the results of the tournament, and the entire two-night event is available on the WWE Network.

This two-and-a-half-hour special was a refreshing break from WWE’s often-lengthy pay-per-views. Also refreshing, the superstars involved, for the most part, told a great in-ring story during their respective matches. Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness called the action, and Ranallo’s play-by-play certainly added to the excitement of the special. The seven-match card featured four championship contests, and the crowd was on fire during the entire event.

Moustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era

The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) defended the NXT Tag Team Championship against Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven), and as Cageside Seats reported, the WWE spoiled the outcome of this contest before it aired. Even if you know the outcome, this match is a must-watch for wrestling fans.

The story here is that the Undisputed Era were still hurting after their six-man tag team bout the night before, and Moustache Mountain seized the opportunity. Bate and Seven would end up hitting a torture rack, flying knee combo on O’Reilly to get the three-count and the NXT Tag Team Championship. After the contest, a well-deserved chant of “you deserve it” echoed throughout the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

Charlie Morgan vs. Killer Kelly

England’s Charlie Morgan is known for her speed and technical ability, and as her name implies, Killer Kelly is known for her viciousness. For the finish, Kelly went for a German suplex, and Charlie reversed it in a roll-up to secure the pinfall. Even though Morgan went over, Kelly looked like the tougher opponent since she delivered the heat throughout most of the match, so both superstars looked strong after this one.

Fatal Four-Way

Travis Banks, Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, and Noam Dar did battle in a fatal four-way match. This bout marked Noam Dar’s return to in-ring action since he tore his meniscus six months ago. This was a stunning and fast paced match throughout, and at one point, the crowd hummed the “Imperial March” tune to show their support of Noam. For the finish, Dar delivered a kick to Banks’ head for the three-count.

Adam Cole vs. Wolfgang

“The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole defended the NXT North American Championship against “The Last King of Scotland” Wolfgang. Wolfgang is a snug and, sometimes, stiff worker, and Cole can probably testify to that after this contest. Adam took most of the heat during this match, but after delivering his last shot on Wolfgang, he secured the pinfall and successfully retained.

EC3 and Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet

The NXT champion was in tag team action this night, and he teamed with someone he could very well be in a program with one day, Ricochet. Dream is currently in a feud with Ricochet, and it probably won’t be too long before we see EC3 (Ethan Carter III) challenge for the title, so this booking is fitting. EC3 didn’t work as tight as he usually does; throughout the contest, soft punches, weak sells, and mistimed moves littered the match.

The finish was ill-timed as well. Velveteen abandoned his partner, so Carter was left alone in the ring. Ethan’s back was toward Aleister, and very awkwardly, Ethan waited an excessive amount of time before he turned around to receive the black mass. Black’s frustration could be seen as he pinned Ethan for the win. Though this was the weakest bout of the night, and the sloppiest, it still had some solid moments when Ethan wasn’t involved. Every wrestler has an off night from time to time, and luckily, this is not EC3’s usual.

Toni Storm vs. Shayna Baszler

Because of her victory the previous night, Storm challenged “The Submission Magician” for the NXT Women’s Championship in what was the best match of the evening. While Baszler’s reputation is well-known among most fans, Toni Storm’s career may be more mysterious to some.

Storm began wrestling at the age of 13 for International Pro Wrestling UK (IPW). A worldwide multi-time champion, the 22-year-old has more in-ring experience than many wrestlers a decade older than her. Filled with plenty of charisma and personality, Toni has an ’80s rocker vibe to her. She’s also a phenomenal athlete with great selling ability, and this match was certainly a platform for her to sell.

These two have met in the ring before, but the WWE NXT UK Championship is the biggest event yet that these two have squared off at. The crowd was arguably the loudest during this contest. The pair exchanged holds and blows for the first part of the match, and after Storm tweaked her knee, it was all heat from there. The WWE website recaps the action from the exciting championship bout.

“Baszler then sank in the Kirifuda Clutch after reversing another Storm Zero attempt, but despite the champion’s suffocating grip, Storm forced a rope break and pulled herself to the floor. The Submission Magician followed her, however, and reapplied the Kirifuda Clutch at ringside. At that point, Storm was sapped of energy and barely able to stand, let alone return to the ring before the count of ten. The Queen of Spades’ reign lives on, thanks to a count-out decision.

“Instead of returning to the locker room after the match, Baszler dropped Storm with the Kirifuda Driver into the Kirifuda Clutch in a final act of defiance.”

The booking of this contest was solid; Baszler still looks like a strong champion despite the count-out victory, and Storm looks like a worthy challenger for a future contest. Hopefully, a rematch will occur one day between these two because they had the audience on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. Keep your eye on Storm; like Shayna, she should have a bright future with the WWE.

Zack Gibson vs. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne defended the WWE United Kingdom Championship against UK Tournament winner, Zack Gibson. Dunne is at his best when he’s delivering wrestling moves, but unfortunately for the “Bruiserweight” (since this is his gimmick), his punches and blows are a sloppy mess; he often misses his target, and when he does land, whether it hurts or not, it looks like a punch a 3-year-old would throw during a tantrum.

This was a basic 20-minute match formula with shine, heat, false comeback, and comeback-shine to the finish. Gibson looked strong as did Pete when he was wrestling and not fighting. Even though this wasn’t Dunne’s best outing, the crowd was still into it. Pete would end up hitting the bitter end for the three-count to retain. After the contest, the entire WWE NXT UK roster posed with Triple H at the entrance ramp for a photo of things to come in the near future.