Kim Kardashian Was 'Obligated' To Make Ukrainian Billionaire Famous, Per 'Daily Mail'

Kim Kardashian recently made real estate history with the sale of her Bel-Air that she shared with her husband, Kanye West, and their three children. The couple sold their longtime home to a Ukrainian billionaire for a record-breaking $17.8 billion.

But now, the billionaire is coming forward and asking Kardashian to fill the rest of her bargain.

According to the Daily Mail, there was a clause in the contract of sale for Kim Kardashian's former house: she was to promote Marina Acton, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and help "make her famous."

In fact, Acton has dreams of becoming a world-famous singer and paid more than the house's asking price because she wanted to utilize the Kardashian connections.

So, Acton made sure that the Kardashian connections were kept by including it as a clause in the contract of sale. According to the clause, Kardashian is not only required to promote Acton on all her social media accounts but to go with Acton to several public appearances which she'd scheduled for the promotion of her new single, "Fantasize."

The duo was recently seen together at the glamorous Los Angeles hotspot, Craig's.

Interestingly, too, Acton and her family never moved into the Bel-Air mansion, and the house is now back on the market after seven months, in the hopes that the Actons can recover some of their investment.

According to legal experts who spoke to the Mail, the sale of Kim Kardashian's former property made history, not only for its high price, but for the fact that it was the first contract in history to include music and social media promotion in the contract of sale.

What's more, Acton claims that she didn't want to move into the house because she's expecting her first child in a few months, and wanted a property and a house with more room than what the Bel-Air mansion provided. Acton says that, after she unloads the Bel-Air property, she'll look for a compound in Miami or West Palm Beach that will come with a guest house for her parents (who will come with her when she moves, so she can have some help with her baby).

It helps to bear in mind that Kim Kardashian's former house was far from a shack: it boasted five bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus several customizations that Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, put in the house after they purchased it (such as a covered swimming pool and a custom tile roof).