Jack Osbourne Admits That Father, Ozzy, 'Hated' Filming Their Reality Show

Jack Osbourne, in a revealing conversation with People, explained that his father Ozzy actually despised having to appear on the family's famed reality show that bears their namesake, The Osbournes.

Jack, now 32-years-old and a father of three children, spoke to the publication regarding his latest reality TV endeavor, Ozzy & Jack's World Detour.

On returning to World Tour for another season, Jack recounted how he didn't think his father would ever appear on reality TV again after his disdain for the first filming stint.

"After The Osbournes, he just hated reality TV," the famous rock star's son stated. "He hated the experience, he hated the way he was portrayed. He was like, 'It's not what I do. I'm a musician.'"

Fans of the show would also know that Ozzy is not the first member of the family to exhibit his blatant dislike of the reality show, with Jack's oldest sister, Aimee, refusing to take part in filming the series, culminating in her moving out of the family home at the age of just 16.

The original The Osbournes show aired from 2002-2005.

Despite the family's blatant discord when it comes to filming for television, Jack's daughters do still indeed appear on his new show, but he maintains that every measure is taken to let the children feel comfortable and wouldn't allow that to be jeopardized.

"[It's] the best time. My favorite times on the show have been when my kids have come out," he mentioned. "I'm a little more structured with my kids than my parents were with me. I won't take them out of school for travel, not so much."

Aside from sharing these revealing family details with People, the son of one of rock and roll's most famed names spoke about the other most recent major revelation in his life, his split from wife Lisa Stelly.

Lisa and Jack Osbourne welcome thier thrid child together on February 3.

The news of the separation was shared by the pair on Instagram back in May.

"We're doing really well," Jack said on how the two are co-parenting their three daughters. "It's all you can really ask for at this stage. It's great."

The pair took to the social media site to address the nature of their union, stating, "So the news about us separating has probably come as a bit of a shock to everyone. But, we just want to clear the air and share with you what's going on. So, first and foremost, we absolutely still love each other. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work."

Furthermore, despite the split, the two have maintained that they will be doing everything they can to maintain a happy and balanced existence for their children and that their best interests will always be put first and foremost.