Melania Trump Will Visit More Immigration Detention Centers Despite 'I Really Don't Care' Jacket Scandal

It looks like first lady Melania Trump isn't about to let the scandal over her jacket choices stop her from visiting additional immigrant detention centers.

Politico reports that Melania will make official appearances at a couple more of these centers, despite public outcry over a jacket she wore to her first visit last week. The words "I Really Don't Care. Do u?" were written on the back of the garment which made it seem like a very questionable wardrobe choice for the first lady.

According to Politico, Melania's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham only revealed that Mrs. Trump will visit "additional" immigration detention facilities. She did not disclose how many centers she'd visit or their locations. There also hasn't been any word on exactly when these visits will take place, but she did hint that Melania may not necessarily visit centers that are close to the Mexican border.

Melania's trip last week took her to a facility near the border which houses children who had been separated from parents who'd illegally crossed from Mexico. The separation was part of the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigration. But Trump stopped the practice with an executive order last week after media outlets exposed the scope of its impact.

As Politico notes, the first lady's visit was overshadowed by her sartorial choices as it triggered commentary about what Melania could have meant by wearing the jacket. Her spokeswoman insisted that the choice held no deeper meaning and urged the media to focus on bigger issues.

The jacket in question was originally released by the popular fast-fashion retailer, Zara. And, as the Inquisitr previously reported, people have turned Melania's fashion faux pas into a business opportunity. The article reports that the jacket, which is from Zara's 2016 Spring/Summer collection, has been posted for sale on sites like eBay for prices that far exceed the original $39 price tag. One seller listed her "I Really Don't Care" jacket for a whopping $895.

There's no way to tell whether the now infamous item of camo-green outerwear will make an appearance on Melania Trump's future visits to immigration detention centers. But some people who took issue with her wearing it to her first visit have turned copies of the coat into a form of protest.

The Independent reports that PSA Supply Co., a clothing company run by Upworthy, a media outlet that focuses a lot on social justice issues, has released T-shirts that copy the script of the jacket. The words they're using are different though. Their T-shirts say, "I Really Do Care. Don't U?"

The proceeds from the sales were donated to United We Dream, a non-profit organization focused on supporting undocumented immigrant youth in the U.S.