Kim Kardashian Considering Leaving Kanye West After Embarrassing Outburst At Paris Fashion Show, Per 'InTouch'

Kim Kardashian is at the end of her rope with Kanye West after the rapper's latest embarrassing outburst at a fashion show in Paris, a new report claims.

Kim and Kanye returned to Paris for the first time since Kim's traumatic armed robbery two years ago, and InTouch reported that the return was not a happy one. Kanye was in town to see friend and designer Virgil Abloh's debut Louis Vuitton fashion show but ended up causing quite a scene that left Kim devastated.

"Kim's emotions were heightened," a source told the celebrity news outlet, noting that she was put over the edge when Kanye jumped from his seat and into Virgil's arms as Kanye broke down in tears.

It was already a difficult return to Paris, where Kim was reportedly traumatized from the armed robbery.

"Kim didn't know what to do," the source said. "Kanye acting up just added to her anxiety."

While the report was sourced to anonymous insiders, Kanye himself had opened up about the strain his outbursts have had on his marriage to Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview, the rapper said he was worried that Kim would leave him after his recent controversial comments backing Donald Trump and claims in an interview with TMZ that slaves chose to remain in slavery.

"There was a moment where I felt like after TMZ, maybe a week after that, I felt like the energy levels were low, and I called different family members and was asking, you know, 'Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?'" he told The New York Times. "So that was a real conversation."

Despite the numerous reports of trouble in their marriage, it can often be difficult to sort fact from rumor when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The couple has been one of the most popular targets for tabloid reports, with stories dating back to just days after their wedding claiming that they were headed for divorce. None of those reports have come to fruition, though they remain a popular subject for speculation.

For their part, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have put on the face of a happy marriage, appearing together and going on outings with their three children. And despite Kanye's public admission that he was worried about Kim leaving him, the reality television star has shown no indication that she is planning to leave her husband.