Britney Spears Gets Revenge On Her Son Jayden With A Prank Of Her Own

Following her son Jayden's prank on her, Britney Spears gave him a little taste of his own medicine.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Jayden stole his mom's phone and began recording himself for her 20 million-plus followers. In the video, the 11-year-old holds the phone up to his face as he whispers and covers his mouth with his finger. Jayden explains to fans that his mother forgot her cell phone at home when she went on a shopping trip and he is going to scare her when she walks in.

Shortly after, Jayden walks over to his mom's closet, sneaks up behind her and yells as Spears then turns around quickly and seems pretty frightened. She blurts out her son's name and points her finger at him. But, the video does end with Britney smiling at the camera after the prank and simply saying "not funny" to her son.

And yesterday, Britney decided to try and pull a prank of her own on her boys. In the Instagram post, Spears films herself telling fans that her children just scared her in the room and payback is a, you know what. Spears then says that it's her turn before she turns the camera and walks toward Jayden. The camera then shows Jayden on the bed, watching TV before Spears yells "boooo!" The 11-year-old doesn't seem to be too phased by his mom's return prank as he simply rolls over in bed and laughs at his mother.

"Didn't really work," Britney says into the camera.

Since the video was posted yesterday, it has already gained a lot of attention just like Jayden's video did. So far, Britney's prank has been viewed over 1.3 million times and already has amassed over 5,000 comments. Most fans were quick to comment on what a great mom Britney appears to be while countless other fans said that this mother/son relationship reminds them of their own relationships with their children.
"The coolest mother I've ever seen."
"Queen of unsuccessful scares but queen of being an iconic cool mom," another fan wrote.

"My kids and I do this back forth all the time to each other too! Love this," another fan wrote.

As most of her fans know, Britney is currently in the middle of a child support battle with her ex, Kevin Federline. The couple share sons Sean Preston and Jayden James but as the Inquisitr reported, Kevin is seeking more money in both spousal support and child support.

"She's freaking out over this court deposition and doesn't see an end in sight to all the ugliness with Kevin," a source dished.

It will be interesting to see what the judge decides.