'Little People, Big World's Tori & Zac Roloff Enjoy Disneyland With Baby Jackson

Tori and Zach Roloff are making sure that their son, Jackson Roloff, has the best childhood ever!

On their Instagram stories today, the couple shared videos of themselves visiting Disneyland with their tot in tote. On Tori's Instagram story, the day started out with Tori, Jackson, and Zach riding a bus to Disney. Tori definitely got in the Disney mindset with a big pair of Minnie Mouse ears on the top of her head. The next photo from her story shows the family and a few friends in front of the famed Disney castle while Jackson takes a page out of his mom's book and wears a Mickey Mouse shirt.

Fans will be envious of the next photo in Tori's snap as she swirls around a coffee from the Disney Starbucks and confesses that she is hydrating. And it seems as though Jackson was exhausted from the morning activities as he is photographed taking a nap. "Can't hang," wrote Tori along with the photo of a sleepy Jackson. Next, Tori tagged herself at the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and then later at a Snow White ride.

The mother of one also shared a live video of herself and Zach on a roller coaster at the park. Of course, baby Jackson did not partake in that particular ride. Zach also joined in on the fun, sharing one video to his Instagram story of him and the crew waiting for a bus to take them to Disneyland.

Little People Big World fans will be happy to know that Tori also shared a family photo from their fun trip with her 756,000-plus followers to see. In the snapshot, Tori, Jackson, and Zach stand in front of the infamous Disney castle while Tori sports a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and Jackson rocks a Mickey Mouse tee. Zach didn't quite get in on the Disney dress code memo, wearing just a plain black sweatshirt.

Within just a few hours of posting the photo to her Instagram account, Tori's followers have already shown the cute family photo a lot of love with over 73,000 likes and 400-plus comments. Many fans gushed over how cute the family is while countless others had major nostalgia upon seeing the picture, bringing some of their own childhood memories flooding back.

"Thank you for sharing your day with us. Enjoy your time and kisses to that sweet baby."
"Love you guys!!!! Enjoy ur time together!!!!! Can't wait to watch the show tonite! Look forward to it!! Hugs to ur adorable family," another fan wrote.

Perhaps the family will share more Disneyland adventures with fans tomorrow.