'This Is Us' Actress Mandy Moore Gets Her First Speeding Ticket In 19 Years

Actress Mandy Moore went 19 years without a speeding ticket, but all that ended today.

The This is Us star took to her Instagram story to share the story of her no good very bad day (or at least a brief part of it). The actress, who portrays matriarch Rebecca Pearson on the show, reported that she received a ticket for going 45 in a 35 on a major road in Los Angeles. She told her 2.6 million followers that she didn't realize her speed because so many other drivers whizzed by her.

However, she saw the red and blues light up and heard the sirens, and she pulled over. Moore took total responsibility for her actions, but she felt the officer acted meaner than he needed to be considering the situation.

Moore shared a picture of the ticket covered with some stickers and the text, "I'm so bummed right now. Mostly at myself but also the officer was NOT nice. And I always thought you just paid a speeding ticket, this says I have to go to court?! WTF?!"

In her next Insta story, the actress shared a short clip of herself shaking her head. She explained that she would not allow the speeding ticket to ruin her entire day. She allowed herself a brief moment to feel the irritation, and then she moved on with her day. Later on, she even posted several different shots of herself trying on some cute and unique boots.

Her followers also appeared to give her plenty of advice about the ticket situation. She thanked everybody for all their wisdom, and she explained that she decided to wait for the ticket to arrive in the mail so that she could pay it instead of going to traffic court over it.

She did admit, "However, it [the ticket] was still my mistake. Still, he didn't need to be so mean. I was literally shaking I was so nervous."

Many of her followers completely understood her frustration because they'd been in similar situations in the past. It can be scary to encounter police officers on the side of a busy highway especially if it's not a situation that happens often as with Mandy Moore's first speeding ticket in just under two decades.

Thankfully the situation worked out for her, and she got plenty of good advice on what to do next. Plus, she didn't allow it to completely ruin her whole day.