‘Plastic Wives’ Newest Reality Show On ‘TLC’

Plastic Wives is the new hit reality show on TLC. The women on the series do not old back when detailing the ins and outs of plastic surgery. The Plastic Wives cast members reportedly go beyond some of the more mundane types of surgical alterations and discuss procedures they have had in some very private places.

The Plastic Wives show takes another unusual twist. All of the many surgeries have been performed by the cast members’ husbands. TLC reality show star Frances Marques had this to say about her physical enhancement procedures, according interview excerpts published by Radar Online:

“From my head to my camel toe, I’ve had my eyes, my nose, my breast done four times … my labia.”

Yes ladies, apparently labia plastic surgery is a real thing. If you are unhappy with the size of your labia, there is hope. Marques noted she always felt her labia was too large and was just “hanging down there.” Being married to a plastic surgeon, the reality show star opted for nip and tuck to trim her labia into shape.

If TMI moments cause your cheeks to turn a bit rosy, Plastic Wives may not be a show to program into your TiVo. Women who are interested in learning more about the plethora of plastic surgery opportunities which exist in our modern age, could become die-hard fans of the new series.

Plastic Wives cast member Veronica Matlock was uncomfortable with “leaks” when she laughed or cough after having a baby. To remedy the situation she decided to undergo a lady parts rejuvenation procedure.

Matlock had this to say about her plastic surgery:

“I had stress incontinence and it was disgusting. So my husband fixed it for me and I’m so happy. My life is normal again. I couldn’t go out and have a drink with my friends and have a good time without having small accidents.”

[Image via Plastic Wives Facebook page]