Princess Charlotte Waving At Prince Charles & Camilla Shows Royal Tot Has Mastered Her Scene-Stealing Craft

Princess Charlotte knows how to charm a crowd, as is shown in a now-viral video of her waving goodbye to her grandfather, Prince Charles

Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Princess Charlotte knows how to charm a crowd, as is shown in a now-viral video of her waving goodbye to her grandfather, Prince Charles

Seeing Princess Charlotte waving at family members and crowds at events has become a day brightener for people across the globe. The tot, the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has become quite the scene-stealer and at times she’s even managed to upstage new family member Meghan Markle.

Earlier this week, cameras caught Princess Charlotte waving at her grandfather, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla as they were boarding a helicopter. Vanity Fair notes that the video that has now gone viral was initially uploaded by an Israeli journalist named Elad Simchayoff, who initially put the video up on Twitter.

The short clip is filmed from a bit of a distance, so it is a bit difficult at times to tell who is there. It seems that Prince Charles and Camilla were leaving Kensington Palace after a visit, and as they were preparing to step onto the helicopter, little Princess Charlotte came near the gate.

The three-year-old appears near the top of the screen and at first, she is standing on the ground. A few seconds later, someone picks her up so she can see Charles and Camilla and she waves at them. Someone who seems to be Camilla starts waving back at Princess Charlotte just before boarding the helicopter.

Little Princess Charlotte has become a fan-favorite Royal and quite the scene-stealer. For example, she showed that she has perfect form in her wave when she joined dad Prince William and brother Prince George recently to go visit mom Kate Middleton and new brother Prince Louis. The adorable tike also did some cute waving while with family during the Trooping the Colour ceremony earlier this month.

Another wave of Princess Charlotte’s seen around the world came during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Cosmopolitan UK shared shots of the wave from the front steps at the church on the day of the big Royal Wedding and the tot also got chuckles when it appeared that she had stuck her tongue out during the wedding party departure. The Inquisitr has previously shared that Princess Charlotte is even adorable when she sneezes, and she has shown she’s got a precocious side by doing somersaults down a hill recently in her little dress.

Fans of the Royals adore Prince George and will be anxious to see Prince Louis as he starts making appearances too. However, these days it is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte who seems most comfortable in the limelight and most able to bring about smiles as she waves or does just about anything else in front of the cameras.