Jimmy Fallon Uses ‘Tonight Show’ Monologue To Zing President Donald Trump Over Twitter Bash

Rich FuryInvision/AP Images

President Donald Trump has a new nemesis on his mind this week: Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Everybody remembers about two years ago when Trump, then a candidate for the presidency, appeared on Fallon’s show and Jimmy ruffled Donald’s hair. The awkward segment had faded into the background, but it’s back in the headlines again and Fallon used the current Twitter war as a base for his monologue Monday night.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, the incident of the Trump hair rumpling is back in the news thanks to a recent interview that Jimmy Fallon did. The late-night host mentioned the segment as something he regretted and wished he had handled differently, and this prompted an angry tweet from the president. After Trump bashed the comic, Fallon tweeted that he made a donation to RAICES in Trump’s name. Then, he had some fun with this bit of drama in his Tonight Show monologue Monday night.

Fallon started his monologue by giving a shoutout to the show’s number one fan, the president. The talk show host mentioned that Trump had gone after him on Twitter, adding that if Melania was watching, he doesn’t think her anti-bullying campaign is working very well.

Jimmy said that when he first saw that the president had bashed him on Twitter, his first instinct was to immediately tweet back. Fallon says he realized that he had more important things to do, then quipped that the president is the one who really should have more important things to do. Then, the Tonight Show star admitted that being criticized by Trump is probably the only thing he has in common with NFL players, referencing the president’s distaste for the recent protests by players.

The late-night talk show host went on to explain the donation he made to RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, that is working to help immigrant children and parents impacted by the Trump administration’s recent policy changes along the border. This brought a huge round of applause from his audience, and he joked that when Trump heard about the donation, he said that he loved “RAICES, they’re my favorite peanut butter cup.”

Fallon said he was then getting to some real news, bringing up the recent polling regarding Trump’s intelligence. Jimmy chuckled as he even referenced the poll, and then he talked about the president meeting with the King and Queen of Jordan and how Trump thanked him for giving us Michael. The Red Hen restaurant situation was mentioned in the Tonight Show monologue, as Jimmy joked about how Trump seemingly has time to write Yelp reviews, and at that point, Fallon seemed ready to transition into other celebrity-related topics.

So far, President Donald Trump hasn’t responded via Twitter with any commentary about Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show monologue. Some on social media have joked that Fallon is pretty low on the list of people who seemed likely to get into a Twitter war of words with the president, but he’s now part of a not-very-exclusive club on that front. Will Trump let this one go and move on to other topics or will he be back lashing out at Fallon before the day is done?