Elle Macpherson Calls Nude Greg Norman A ‘Hunk’

Jason Koerner / Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

One golfer’s nude photo has caught the attention of a certain supermodel.

In a photo posted to his Instagram account yesterday, 63-year-old golfer Greg Norman shared a photo from the ESPN body issue. But it wasn’t such an innocent snapshot. As fans know, the ESPN body issue is famous for posting photos of athletes posing in the nude. In the image, the golfer shows off his side profile, with a golf club in hand and a straw cowboy hat on his head.

Of course, he is also completely in the nude, showing off his tanned and toned body for the world to see. And judging from his body in the photo, it’s really hard to believe that the golfer is 63-years-old — because he’s definitely got the body of a younger man! Of course, many of Norman’s 112,000 plus followers were quick to comment on the image, giving it over 4,000 likes and 340-plus comments.

And it came as a shock to many when Elle Macpherson also left a comment on the photo, keeping it simple, just calling Greg a “hunk.” But the comment appears to be harmless and romance rumors shouldn’t be started over the innocent post. The Daily Mail shares that Greg is happily married to his third wife, Kirsten Kutner. According to People, Elle recently split from billionaire husband Jeffrey Soffer after four years of marriage. But sometimes a woman just has to appreciate a man with a killer bod.

Like Macpherson, countless other fans of Norman commented on the nude snapshot with the overwhelming majority applauding the golfer for baring it all for the cameras. Many fans used flame emoji while countless others used their words instead.

“My goal to reach after back surgery from car accident. Rebuild phase starts soon. Thanks for setting the bar Shark.”

“Go Greggy!!! Lookin younger everyday,” another fan wrote.

But how does the 63-year-old stay in such good shape? According to ESPN, the prolific golfer loves to golf and scuba dive now that he is retired from golf. He also clearly puts in a lot of time at the gym and is disciplined when he goes.

“If my body’s tired, I keep telling myself, ‘You gotta finish your reps. You gotta finish your reps. You’re here for a reason…. Do it proper. Don’t cheat yourself.'”

But like the rest of us, every once in a while the golfer needs a cheat day and doesn’t mind eating a little junk food as long as he knows that he can burn it off.

“If I want to have a handful of Cheetos, I will. At the same time, my outflows completely dictate my inflows. I won’t put anything in my body that I know I can’t exhaust in my first session in the gym…. Your body gives you what you give it. So my body’s giving [me] everything that I wanted out of it and expected out of it. It thanks me on a daily basis,” Norman says.

At 63, the Norman has still got it going on.