Say Goodbye To Telemarketers With RoboKiller

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Have you ever wondered how it can possibly be legal for spam callers to continually ring your line? Lately these calls are even showing up with local area codes to the number being dialed, causing even more confusion and frustration. The truth is, whether it’s legal or illegal, these robocalls are near impossible to stop. Phone networks are complex and there are copious amounts of carriers out there. This makes it difficult for any provider or government organization to truly locate anyone dishing out these spam calls; certainly the authorities cannot punish those breaking telephone communication laws if it’s this laborious to even pin the perpetrators down. Defending oneself against this form of interruption, invasion, and inconvenience is becoming top priority for anyone with a telephone. However, doing so has not been as simple as filtering spam from an email. That is, until now. Welcome the potentially game-changing application for a smartphone of your choice, RoboKiller. The makers state a fairly bold and declarative statement on the features page of the company website.

“Free yourself from robocalls. Forever.”

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Creators Ethan Garr and Bryan Moyles won the 2015 Federal Trade Commission’s Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back contest in 2015. The pair took home a $25,000 price for first place, as explained on the Federal Trade Commission website. The Commission was on its second year at that time, enlisting tech specialists to fight, you guessed it, robocalls. Walking away with winner status, Garr and Moyles set out to become superheroes while running the application in beta mode and allowing RoboKiller to be downloaded for free at the time. Rather than pocket the reward, these guys donated the entire amount to a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to further develop their creation, said Consumer Reports. The invention was copyrighted in 2017 by TelTech Systems.

Currently, the application does cost between $0.99 and $29.99, as listed on iTunes. As of February 2018, the app is officially available to Android users in the Google Play Store. The service provided by RoboKiller is unique. The technology uses an algorithm to fend off spam callers, kicking the unwanted phone calls into a spam system where users of this application can also take advantage of getting the last laugh. Answer Bots, a feature on the robocall blocking application, will protect Android and iPhone users by not only catching the telemarketing call, but also by going the extra mile to find the person behind the bot call and waste their time just as they attempted to do with yours. This feature sends out wacky and hilarious recordings back to the telemarketers. Those who use this unique portion of app can choose a specific Answer Bot or even create a recording of their own. To read more about this, details can be found on the RoboKiller blog, located on the company website.