President George H.W. Bush Tweets Picture Showing Bill Clinton Paid Him A Visit

Frank MicelottaGetty Images

In the current political climate where it can sometimes feel like there will never be an agreement on anything by a Republican and a Democrat, the friendship between two former presidents from different political parties like George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton gives us a ray of hope. So when we get to see a glimpse into their bond, it is celebrated and welcomed, like today when the elder Bush (or perhaps more likely his social media team) sent out an adorable picture on Twitter of Clinton visiting him in Maine and examining his socks. There’s a good reason for that because the former president was wearing Bill Clinton socks! Along with the picture, he wrote, “Special visit today with a great friend — and now, a best-selling author. Luckily I had a freshly laundered pair of @BillClinton socks to mark the occasion.”

Not to be outdone, Clinton retweeted his friend’s words and picture, and he added his own. “Going up to Maine and spending time with you is one of my favorite times of the year. Happy to see you.” The new book from former President Clinton is a thriller that he wrote along with best-selling novelist James Patterson called The President Is Missing. The book was released on June 4 and is already a New York Times No. 1 bestseller, announced by Clinton himself.

The special friendship of presidents 41 (Bush) and 42 (Clinton) wasn’t an easy thing to come by, especially considering the contentious election between the two in 1992, which Clinton ultimately won. But chronicling their friendship, which has developed almost into a father-and-son bond, according to CNN, was explained in letters and emails shared by Bush in a collection called “All The Best, George Bush; My Life in Letters and other Writings.”

“He found happiness, a new mission and a new partner when he was asked to lead relief efforts with Bill Clinton following the 2005 Asian tsunami. In a letter to friend and journalist Hugh Sidey, Bush talked about traveling in February of 2005 with Clinton, who he said was very considerate of him. He said Clinton would always wait so they could exit the plane together. ‘I thought I knew him; but until this trip I did not really know him.'” The two would also work together to help raise money for survivors of Hurricane Katrina. CNN went on to say, “In October, 2006 he sent a note to Clinton after they received a joint award. ‘This note is to simply let you know that I so appreciated your words about our relationship, about our friendship. It was from your heart – and I hope you know I feel the same way.'”