Cardi B, Lala Anthony Among The Celebs To Reach Out To Family Of Slain Bronx Teen Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

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On Friday, June 22, social media was abuzz after news broke of a 15-year-old’s brutal murder after it was reported that five gang members viciously dragged Lesandro Guzman-Feliz out of a local Bronx bodega and severely beat and stabbed the teen repeatedly with machetes and knives. After the stabbing, the five gang members quickly fled the scene, leaving Guzman-Feliz practically for dead. As it was previously reported by the Inquisitr, surveillance video released Friday shows the teenager staggering off a few seconds after the attackers fled the scene in different vehicles. Police said the boy ran to a hospital in hopes of seeking help but died shortly after of his injuries.

The slaying and death of Lesandro almost immediately sparked a public outcry for help and awareness of senseless gang violence. Bronx-bred celebrities like Cardi B and LaLa Anthony immediately took to social media to speak out about the murder, and the #JusticeForJunior hashtag quickly became a trending topic across the country.

On Friday, shortly after hearing word of the attack, Cardi posted a photo of the slain teen and his mother tragically holding onto her son’s lifeless body in the hospital bed. In the caption, Cardi angrily sounded off about the brutal attack, calling out law enforcement and medical professionals for not stepping in sooner.

Since the news broke, several other celebrities have sounded off of the slaying as well, taking to their social media to write touching messages reflecting on the news. Singer Rihanna took to her Instagram to express dismay over the senseless slaying.

“(C)an’t stop thinking about this poor baby boy, and how his family must feel right now! I’m sincerely praying for your healing and #justiceforjunior,” she said.

News of the slaying quickly traveled across the country and L.A.-based rapper The Game also took to social media to speak out about the slaying.

While I’m up & starting my day... I remembered someone sending me a photo of a mother & her child Lesandro “JUNIOR” Guzman-Feliz, a 15 year old who lived in the Bronx, New York that was mistaken for someone else & brutally attacked by 5 cowards, drug out of a corner store in his own neighborhood & stabbed repeatedly with 2 machete’s & 3 knives. 15 years old... I watched the video & wished I hadn’t & im still in disbelief... I can only imagine how terrified, confused & alone he must’ve been during what would be the last few minutes of his life & that alone hurts even me deeply !!! & the pain his mother & family must feel right now has to be tremendous. I am utterly disgusted with this story & how a life can be taken away from a child in that manner. My heart goes out to his immediate family & definitely to his mother. I am so sorry for your loss. I really hate the blind ignorance in this country especially when it takes a childs life. Losing a child is my absolute worst nightmare & this has sincerely touched me. Also sorry for feelings or pain brought back about with this post as I was just made aware of this tragedy this a few days ago & forgot to post ???????? #JusticeForJunior

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Several celebrities are now reaching out to the family of the slain teen, donating money and visiting the boy’s family. Over the weekend, hundreds gave to the family’s GoFundMe page, including Cardi who donated more than $8,000 alone to the family for funeral costs, according to Vibe. On Monday, actress, author, and wife of NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, Lala Anthony, spent her birthday visiting the memorial and family of Guzman-Feliz.

In an emotional message posted to her Instagram, Lala told fans that visiting Guzman-Feliz’s home and family was exactly how the Bronx native wanted to spend her birthday.

This is what I wanted to do for my birthday today. Thank you to the gram for connecting me to this family. I wanted to offer our love and support to Lesandro “Junior’s” family. His sister @__octobersveryown__ reached out and told me he loved Melo. So I asked Mel to go with me. I can’t imagine this type of pain and sadness. His family is strong and may God bless them forever. Seeing his family smile when we walked through that door is something I will never forget. Putting my arms around his mom is something I will never forget. Being in his room is something I will never forget. Pls go to his sister in laws page @c0co__amor to donate to this family. (& before it starts...we did more than bring jerseys and sneakers) just do what YOU can even if it’s $1.. this family will be in my heart forever ????????????????#justiceforjunior #justiceforjunior

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Since video footage of the attack has been released along with photographs of the murder suspects, the New York Post has reported that all five of the attackers have been captured as well as a sixth suspect said to be a part of the attack.