'Kenan And Kel' Stars Set To Reunite For Nickelodeon 'Double Dare' Revival

It looks like '90s babies will get a chance to relive their childhood as it was just announced that former Nickelodeon stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are set to reunite for an upcoming special episode of Double Dare. As it's been reported by Entertainment Weekly, Thompson and Mitchell, who starred in the hit comedy series Kenan & Kel, are returning to the network to compete on a special edition of the classic game show. In a statement about their special appearance, Mitchell said,

"I am so excited to be playing on Double Dare and for [a] whole new generation of kids to experience this iconic game show. This episode will be double special because Kenan and I will be playing against each other and we are both huge fans of Double Dare! I can't wait to see the super talented Liza Koshy rock it as the new host!"
Kenan & Kel debuted back in 1996 and ended four seasons later, with the two stars quickly losing touch with one another. As it was previously reported by the Huffington Post, the two lost contact with each other in the 2000s due to busy work schedules and living on opposite coasts. However, after not speaking to each other in years, Mitchell called Thompson completely out of the blue in 2015, reigniting the pair's iconic partnership and friendship.Fans of the Nickelodeon legends got to see the duo back in action when they reunited for the first time in years on The Tonight Show in 2015 to reenact their famous "Good Burger" sketch.
As it was previously reported by the Inquisitr, original Double Dare host Marc Summers is returning as a commentator and executive producer for the series reboot, with YouTube star Liza Koshy set to be the new show's host. Aside from the host switch-up, a majority of the show will remain loyal to its roots. Like the classic '90s show setup, the show will feature trivia contests, physical challenges, and the infamous Double Dare giant nose that is undoubtedly stocked with tons of slimy green goo.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fellow All That star Lori Beth Denberg is also slated to appear alongside Mitchell and Thompson on Double Dare. The group's reunion comes after the three stars popped up together on Nick Cannon's sketch comedy show Wild 'n' Out earlier this year.

There's no word on when the Kenan & Kel special reunion episode will air, but until then, we can look forward to the show returning to our television screens this summer. Double Dare premieres on Monday, June 25, at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.