WWE News: WWE Reveals ‘Issues With Contract Negotations’ For Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar hasn’t really been seen much on WWE television in the last couple of months, but he has to defend the Universal Championship at some point. There is a huge multi-man match set for Extreme Rules which will determine the number one contender for his title, but he may not be willing to put it on the line. Apparently, there are some issues with “contract negotiations” and it all stems from things that happened over the weekend with Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle.

At Extreme Rules, there will be a six-man match to name the superstar who will next face Brock Lesnar for the title. So far, only Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns have been named as participants, but more will be announced in the coming weeks.

That WWE Universal Championship Match is expected to happen at SummerSlam, but there could be some problems with that whole plan.

Over the weekend, Paul Heyman went on a bit of a tirade against the social media team of the official WWE website as well as Raw general manager Kurt Angle. They were simply asking the WWE Universe who they would like to see in the multi-man match at Extreme Rules and Heyman lost his mind.

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Featured image credit: WWE

After a few posts were put on Twitter, Heyman decided to address them directly and take shots at the same time.

While he did respond to a couple of tweets regarding the match at Extreme Rules, Heyman was far from done with expressing his mind. He hopped on the official Facebook page for Heyman Hustle and issued a very long and detailed complaint about the people that are hired by WWE.

Heyman essentially said that he was not going to allow his client to be mishandled by the WWE or anyone. He also went on to state that he “rejects every request by WWE to exploit his box office appeal” and he is going to let Brock Lesnar concentrate on “Ultimate” opportunities.

Obviously, that is a hint in the direction of UFC which Lesnar is rumored to return to after his WWE contract expires shortly after SummerSlam.

With all of that going on and making its way out there, the official website of WWE posted a news break from Cathy Kelley which touched on the subject. In the video, Kelley states that the next WWE Universal Title defense for Brock Lesnar is now facing “contract issues” with the company itself.

Putting together Heyman’s post and Kelley’s report, the storyline is continuing to say that both sides are “completely stalled” and have “failed to reach an agreement.”

This is an obvious storyline for WWE as they typically don’t give out actual information on legit contract discussions. Still, it is bringing a bit of real life into place as Brock Lesnar’s current contract is not for much longer and he may head back to UFC after all is said and done. For now, Paul Heyman says his client is not going to have another WWE Universal Championship Match until the contractual issues are cleared up and that is likely to be addressed tonight on Monday Night Raw.