‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans’ House Is Reportedly Sinking

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Turns out, Jenelle Evans has a big problem with her Oak Island, North Carolina home.

As many fans of Teen Mom 2 star know, Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, built a house together but they have had a few problems since then. On a recent episode of the show, the couple could be heard complaining about how their ceiling and molding has been cracking. As David said on the show, they have been battling with the builder of their home over all the issues that they have had. It was also revealed that the couple believes their house is sinking, according to Radar Online.

“He’s been trying to say that we put too much dirt on the land to fill our puddles and that we’re making all the water go down under our house. Dude you didn’t make the house pad big enough in the first place. Our house is sinking basically,” Eason told the builder.

When the builder came out and inspected the home, he told Eason that they need to have positive drainage away from the home, which is a requirement from the county. Eason replied saying that he either wants his home put on stilts or he wants dirt to be put underneath of it. He also told that builder that if he does not do anything about it, he will have Janelle tell all of her “12 million” social media followers about their experience. Later in the episode, he also threatened to sue if they don’t fix the issue.

The publication goes on to say that the builders were apparently wrong and they initially should have built the home at a higher elevation.

“It is our opinion that the house should have been raised higher than it is presently.”

It also goes on to say that they will add a French drain and some additional soil to the home to help alleviate water from ponding and the house being at risk of sinking even more.

Jenelle and her husband David made headlines recently after the Inquisitr reported that Evans is standing by her man as she as she and her co-stars remain in negotiations with MTV for Season 9. As fans will recall, David was fired from Teen Mom 2 after a number of offensive comments that he made about the LGBT community but Jenelle wants him back on the show in some capacity.

“I will stand by my husband and his opinions until the day we die. I’m sorry he offended anyone in the past, but he doesn’t HATE anyone. Never said that word. We all have opinions,” Jenelle tweeted.

A source says that Jenelle wants David either included in filming or at least have him be around when she is filming or else she may think twice about returning. Fans can only wait to see how things pan out.