‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 1 Head Of Household Winner, Nominations Emerge Ahead Of Premiere [Rumors]

Sonja FlemmingCBS Press Express

Wednesday night brings the premiere of Season 20 of Big Brother and spoilers hint that this new battle could get off to an explosive start. There are already twists and turns being implemented, and as host Julie Chen always teases, players should expect the unexpected. The live feeds haven’t started yet, but some BB20 spoilers appear to be emerging about the first few moves in the house.

Big Brother Network explains that some early Big Brother 20 spoilers have come from a long-time social media spoiler who goes by the handle “vegasforsure.” This poster has provided reliable information via Reddit in the past and has revealed some early tidbits relating to the new season. Viewers will have to wait until the live feeds and CBS episodes begin to see how legitimate this information is, but for now, this should give spoiler fans some fun stuff to dig into while they wait.

At this point, vegasforsure has revealed supposed Big Brother 20 spoilers via Reddit indicating that Tyler Crispen won the first Head of Household competition. There had been a lot of speculation that there would be some veterans playing the game this summer, with supposed spoiler lists of the players involved swirling around social media. However, reports indicate that there have been no veterans moving into the house and it sounds as if Season 20 will be an all-new cast after all.

As for the Week 1 nominations, Big Brother 20 spoilers indicate that those have been made. This information is again coming from vegasforsure, via Twitter this time, and it doesn’t look like any other sources have confirmed the accuracy of these apparent nominations so far. However, it is said that Steve Arienta and Sam Bledsoe are the first nominees for the summer.

How were Sam and Steve reportedly chosen to be the first nominees of Season 20? Supposedly, they were the first two to lose in the Head of Household competition, so there was no drama or blood on anybody’s hands to put them up over anybody else. Of course, just because they are nominated doesn’t mean that one of these two is headed home. It will take a few days yet to see how the game moves forward and who really ends up being the first eliminated.

How dramatic will this summer be with Big Brother 20? Spoilers will start emerging quickly now that the game has started inside the house and BB fans cannot wait to start watching it all play out on the live feeds and CBS episodes.