WWE News: WWE Superstar Rusev Hurt Once Again, How Long Will He Be Out?

WWE Superstar Rusev has been doing an okay job at staying in the limelight since Lana left his side on television, and after his program with John Cena. Few people come back from repeated losses to Cena, but Rusev has done well with the situation. When WWE removed Lana as his manager, it was thought to be a nail in the coffin for Rusev, who obviously needs a manager to be as impressive as he was before.

Rusev came in as a monster, but was stopped by John Cena and then an unfortunate injury led to his program with Dolph Ziggler and Lana to be delayed. This humanized Rusev, especially when Summer Rae jumped to his side and made him into a softer type of guy. With Lana, he was a legit beast and fans felt that both careers soured a bit when they broke up on screen.

Off screen, the two were an item and were a known couple for years. They had to stop sharing pictures of them together to keep up with kayfabe. Lana was with Ziggler onscreen, and Summer was with Rusev, so the two obviously couldn't be together off screen in a public way or it would hurt this storyline world WWE is in. Most feel that neither Rusev nor Lana have to put up with WWE standards with their personal lives, because they can play characters on television and be with who they want offscreen.

Rusev Lana Paris

It seems only WWE is like this. You don't hear of this happening with any other television show. Several soap opera stars have been together on and off screen, but romances on soaps often times go into weird circumstances, and yet no one complains from the company or in the fanbase when enemy stars are seen together. How WWE feels like they are above this or how any fan feels they are is beyond the understanding of the majority, who see no issue with people being themselves away from the public.

Lana has been out with an injury as of late, but Rusev may join her on the shelf. According to PWInsider, Rusev was hurt at the recent SmackDown taping. He apparently has a torn bicep, which would be a second injury in less than a year for him. It is uncertain how hurt he is, but it was bad enough to stop the match, which means it could very well force him to miss some time. Word is as of now that if it is serious, he will miss the rest of 2015 easily, and part of 2016.

Lana and Rusev Russia

The match was ended early, which is why Rusev went on a bit of a tirade after the match was called off. They needed to fill time for the remainder of the match, so Rusev did the best he could to make sure he filled the obligated time he had, which was very professional of him to do whatever it took.

It is said that we will know more regarding the injury within the week, but a torn bicep is by no means a good thing for Rusev to have. Will he miss as much time as with the other injury? Possibly. It could even be more time, as this particular injury if severe could require surgery. If surgery does happen, this would be a blow for WWE, as they would lose yet another body in the mid-card world.

Lana was expected back at any point, but if Rusev has to miss time, one would imagine that they would both return together. There is talk of a babyface run for Rusev and Lana, so their return could end up having them be part of an angle with a notable heel at the time. We will have to see what comes of it, however.

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