Microsoft & News Corp – what is good for the goose should be good for the gander

Even though the US is heading into turkey weekend the discussion around Microsoft cutting deals to de-list from Google and go strictly with Bing with any newspaper organization willing to listen continues unabated.

In two past posts here at The Inquisitr I have written about how stupid this idea is and could end up hurting Microsoft far more than any bonus of having Google frozen out could bring. Not only would it hurt Microsoft but it would also hurt us the consumers as well with any damage to Google being next to negligible.

The one thing that has been growing though is the call for a boycott of Microsoft and Bing if they should go ahead with the idea and actually cut some deals. As understandable, and justified, as a boycott might be why is the idea just being confined to action against Microsoft?

Should also the other parties involved in deals like this be punished the same way – which would further increase the effect of any boycott by the way. IF we are willing to entertain the idea of boycotting Microsoft then we should be just as willing to include any media company, and their various properties spread around the web – and off of the web as well.

This would mean that all of News Corp properties including things like Wall Street Journal and MySpace should be boycotted the same way that Bing or the sale of Windows 7 is. After all what is fair for the goose should also be just as fair for the gander.