Suri Cruise Sets Up Lemonade Stand At NYC Pride Parade, Complete With Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, set up a lemonade stand at the Pride Parade in New York City.

The 12-year-old ran the stand, complete with Rice Krispies Treats decorated with rainbows on June 24, according to an Us Weekly report. The tween had her nanny supervising her at the event.

Suri and a few of her friends charged $2 a glass for their lemonade, which makes them similar to other kids their age trying to make money in the summers when they’re out of school. An eyewitness described the booth to Us Weekly.

“They had rainbow Rice Krispies treats and lemonade with signs all around their table for Pride. She was very sweet and kind, telling everyone to enjoy their day and would smile whenever someone walked past! Very sweet.”

Parade attendees appeared to enjoy buying lemonade from the offspring of two celebrities. Suri had plenty of customers at the Pride Parade, which celebrates the LGBTQ community because thousands of rainbow-clad people walked through Greenwich Village and up Fifth Avenue. She appeared to feel right at home in the Big Apple because Suri and her mother, Katie, live in Manhattan, and they’re often spotted out and about in the city enjoying fun mother-daughter moments.

One Twitter user tweeted a bit about buying some lemonade from the young entrepreneur at the Pride Parade. Jacqueline Frye, who lives in New York City, according to her Twitter profile, tweeted, “When Suri Cruise sells you lemonade at the Pride Parade.”

Many other people on Twitter wondered if so-called “Permit Patty” called the cops about Suri’s permit or lack of a permit. The Inquisitr reported that a woman in San Francisco named Alison Ettel recently called the police on an 8-year-old girl who was selling water without a permit. The little girl sold bottles of water outside her building to people walking to the baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres.

The good news for Suri, or any other children who sell at a lemonade stand, is that Kraft Heinz’s lemonade brand, Country Time, promised to help pay fines and even permit fees for young entrepreneurs who want to engage in the most traditional of summertime activities — a lemonade stand. The Inquisitr recently reported, that until August 31 or until the company gave out $60,000, all parents have to do to receive reimbursement for fines or fees is upload an image of the child’s penalty for selling lemonade as well as a description written in the child’s words describing what the lemonade stand means to him or her.

While it doesn’t look like anybody called the cops on Suri Cruise, it certainly happens to other children.