Victoria Beckham Will Reportedly Transform Into ‘Posh Spice’ For ‘Vogue’ Photoshoot Next Month

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Victoria Beckham rose to fame as part of the iconic ’90s girl group, Spice Girls. Her ‘Posh Spice’ was sophisticated and fierce at the same time. Fans were hoping that Beckham, along with Geri Horner (Ginger Spice), Mel B (Scary Spice), Mel C (Sporty Spice) and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) would do a reunion tour to “spice up” their lives one more time. It was originally planned for sometime this year, but we now know that will not be the case. However, The Sun is reporting that Beckham’s ‘Posh Spice’ will be making one last comeback next month.

As The Sun had previously reported, the Spice Girls were slated for a reunion tour beginning at the end of September, but due to a fallout with their manager, Simon Fuller, and Beckham herself, the reunion was scrapped indefinitely. Beckham had long claimed that she would “never tour” again and her bandmates were really counting on Fuller to change her mind, but it was, unfortunately, a no-go.

Call it guilt or a twist of fate as Beckham has agreed to transform herself into ‘Posh Spice’ one last time for a photoshoot with British Vogue next month, which is all thanks to the magazine’s new editor, Edward Enniful.

A source told The Sun, “This has been the brainchild of Edward and it’s quite the backtrack from Victoria.”

Of course, the obvious question is, what iconic ‘Posh Spice’ looks will Beckham bring back for the highly anticipated photo shoot? There are two looks that seem to be strong contenders. The first outfit might be from the Spice Girls music video for their 1996 hit, “Say You’ll Be There,” which saw Beckham killing it in a black leather catsuit. The second look could be the chainmail bikini Beckham wore for the group’s “Who Do You Think You Are” music video from the same year.

While it is certainly a great way for the former Spice Girl to pay tribute to the group that made her, The Sun‘s source also revealed that her former bandmates are likely to be “very insulted.”

“No doubt her ex-bandmates will be very insulted by this. It seems fine for Victoria to celebrate her Spice Girls past when it suits her but not when the other girls are begging her to perform onstage with them for one final time.”

Beckham has now become widely known for her sense of fashion as well as her very own fashion line and was recently spotted with her son, Brooklyn, at a Dior fashion show in Paris, France.

Despite the many rumors of divorce swirling around in the air, Beckham will reportedly be taking part in the photoshoot with her entire family. It will be their first-ever photo shoot and interview with British Vogue. The shoot comes on the heels of the ten-year anniversary of Beckham’s fashion line.