Simone Missick Talks Netflix Series ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 And ‘Iron Fist’


The popular Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage has received largely positive reviews with Season 2. The hit Netflix series is just one of many of their original Marvel shows, and Season 2 is quickly becoming a popular installment. This season finds the powerful character adjusting to his new superhero life while dealing with villains like Mariah Dillard, Shades, and the Bushmaster. Simone Missick portrays Misty Knight in the Netflix series, and the actor recently spoke with Collider about her role.

Missick commented on how she felt about the first season of the Netflix show. She said that she doesn’t pay attention to criticism because she can’t effectively create her art while worrying about what people think. She remarked that she personally had a great first season and loved how the character was portrayed. She told Collider how she likes the variety of female characters in Season 2 of Luke Cage.

“I think you get to see so many different facets of womanhood on the show. I think (showrunner) Cheo [Hodari Coker] did a great job of finding really great female characters, and then allowing them to play.”

The actor also remarked that part of the first season’s criticism was that Cottonmouth was killed off too early and that fans wanted more of the villain. She said that in Season 2 fans get to see Bushmaster fully evolve as a villain, that he’s scary, and that it’s exciting to see a baddie that is built so strong. She also spoke about how her character losing her arm gave her an edge to her attitude this season.

Promo photo of Netflix series Luke Cage Season 2.
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Simone Missick talked some more on the evolution of her character, and then she was asked about her part in another Netflix series. Collider asked what her role would be in Iron Fist Season 2.

“Without giving too much away, obviously, the relationship between Misty and Colleen is going to be explored, and that is the greatest gift that I could have. Working with Jessica Henwick has been a pleasure, not only because of who she is, as a person, but because you know you’re giving the fans what they want to see, with these two characters together, with the hopes that it will eventually be Daughters of Dragon.”

Simone Missick added that everyone involved with Iron Fist has been great to work with. She also remarked that Luke Cage is a nearly invincible superhero with impenetrable skin and that it’s fun exploring the world of Iron Fist because he has a different dynamic in it.

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Luke Cage is currently streaming on Netflix, and though there has not been a report on when Iron Fist will return, many are speculating that the next installment of the series will be released in Fall of 2018.