Mira Sorvino Wears ‘We Care’ Jacket At Rally To Support Immigrant Families

Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

It’s been three days since the world saw first lady Melania Trump wearing what has now become the infamous “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket as she boarded Air Force One to-and-from Washington D.C. to pay a surprise visit to migrant children detained at the Mexican border after being forcibly separated from their parents. Since then, public outcry has gotten louder than ever before and support for immigrant families has skyrocketed. Actress Mira Sorvino is the latest celebrity to jump on board what has become the unofficial “I Really Care” movement.

Sorvino attended a rally in support of immigrant families on Sunday and put up a post on her Twitter account of herself wearing a jacket with the words, “We Care” written on the back of it. As has become custom, she directed her message straight at Melania.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Melania took it upon herself to pay an impromptu visit to the thousands of children who were being detained at the Mexican border after being ripped away from their parents under President Trump’s orders, chances are she was hoping it would be seen as a positive reflection on her and her stance that families belong together. However, her good deed was immensely overshadowed when the world got a good look at the two-year-old Zara military-style jacket she was wearing. “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”, was written in bold, capitalized white letters and to say that Americans were appalled by Melania’s poor choice of fashion, given the situation, would soon prove to be a complete understatement.

No sooner had the jacket become the center of focus than headlines started pouring in, slamming the first lady. A spokeswoman for Melania attempted to put out the fire by assuring the public that there was no hidden message behind the jacket by insisting that it was simply that, a jacket.

However, when the public showed that they weren’t buying that story, the President himself intervened via his Twitter platform, telling the people that there was, in fact, some meaning behind the $39 jacket and it was all directed at the “Fake News” media as reported by the Inquisitr.

As the Inquisitr also reported, another story popped up when a source close to Melania claimed that the jacket was meant for the first lady’s husband himself, stating that, “Melania has felt frustrated, angry, and tired of being complicit to her husband’s actions.”

The source also claimed that when Melania realized that the public was now under the impression that she simply didn’t care about the thousands of detained children or immigrants in general, she was “heartbroken.”

“She is sincerely heartbroken about immigrant children being removed from families and sincerely does want to help and make a difference. She is also surprised that her attempt at sending a message to the world blew up in her face.”

Many people believe that the first lady could’ve done something more proactive to stop her husband from separating families, to begin with. She built a platform on a “Be Best” campaign, geared towards children, which many now believe she has failed in.

Aside from the general public, many celebrities have risen up against Melania. Stuck in the Middle actress, Jenny Ortega arrived at the Radio Disney Music Awards wearing her own jacket that read, “I Do Care And U Should Too”.


Actress Busy Phillips of Dawson’s Creek fame uploaded a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt with the words, “I Care, Do U?” on the front.


Critics will admit that in the end, Melania and Ivanka Trump ultimately made the President see reason as he signed an executive order thus ending the separation of families on Wednesday. However, reuniting the over 2,000 children with their parents will be no easy feat.