‘Real Housewives’ Star Josh Waring Accused Of Smuggling Drugs And Slashing Inmates In Jail

Sometime Real Housewives of Orange County star Josh Waring, the son of cast regular Lauri Peterson, has been nothing but a burden from the moment he went to jail, and it seems his problems are only getting bigger.

According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives star is currently facing a series of new charges stemming from his prison stint, including smuggling drugs and slashing two of his fellow inmates.

Originally, Waring went to jail while he awaited trial on attempted murder charges, so this is only going to make things infinitely worse.

Waring slashed two of his fellow inmates with a modified razor at two different times: one in August, one in December, of last year.

In addition, Waring has been caught with several pieces of contraband, including methamphetamines, heroin, porn, and “pruno,” which is a prison-made wine.

Waring was arrested on June 20, 2016, after he opened fire on two people in Costa Mesa. He then led the police on a wild, high-speed chase throughout Orange County.

His actions led to 35-year-old Daniel Lopez, who was living in a sober living home, to be shot and wounded.

Though Lopez survived his injuries, Waring went on to get into an altercation with other people who lived in the sober living home.

And it gets worse for the former Real Housewives star: after Waring confessed to stabbing his fellow inmates, he was discovered to have allegedly been responsible for tampering with a jail security device to create a disturbance.

For his part, Waring categorically denies everything that he’s been accused of. He said that he’s been treated unfairly in the jail, that he’s been the victim of “outrageous government conduct,” and that his phone calls with his family and his lawyer were unlawfully monitored and recorded by Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He claims that he’s been treated unfairly since he was first arrested in 2016.

The former Real Housewives star has involved his girlfriend, Hayley Pintek, in his drug smuggling. She, in fact, was responsible for getting heroin into the jail for Waring.

For her involvement in the smuggling, Pintek was arrested on May 8 and pleaded guilty to felony sale or transport of a controlled substance.

Waring’s former attorney also tried to give him meth while he was in jail, causing him to be arrested, as well.

Thanks to all of this chaos, the former Real Housewives star filed the appropriate paperwork in court to represent himself.