'Southern Charm' Stars Kathryn Dennis And Patricia Altschul Decry Thomas Ravenel's Girlfriend

Amy Feinstein

It sounds like the tables have been turned on Southern Charm, and after a season of negative attacks, fans of the show have had enough of the diatribes launched against Kathryn Dennis on camera, and the alleged defamation and mind games being played behind the scenes and on social media by Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. Now that Thomas has gone to ground and placed his social media presence in the hands of a crisis team, the lone voice defending bad behavior is the Season 5 girlfriend of Ravenel, Jacobs, who now claims to be the victim.

Patricia Altschul and Kathryn Dennis, who at one time disagreed on everything, are banding together to say that it's classic bully behavior to cry victim when the game turns on you. Page Six said that Ashley Jacobs showed up at the Southern Charm reunion, even after he was banned, in order to "defend herself" after she told a mother-of-two that she spends more time with the Ravenel children because she can't, and then called her an "egg donor."

Reportedly at the reunion, she was given ample opportunity to apologize but said she owns everything that she's done and isn't sorry.

"She's not a paid cast member with a contract...is not a producer and has no experience in this arena. is simply back peddling by blaming others for her inexcusable behavior."

Patricia added that the show is 100 percent not scripted and that she, as well as Dennis and their friend, Luzanne Otte, have also been attacked by fake accounts, and posting "#HiAshley" is simply saying they know what she is up to.

"She has multiple accounts to troll @KathrynDennis #LuzanneOtte and myself hence the moniker."

Altschul adds that, for months, Ravenel's girlfriend responded with twists on Otte's name to respond to anyone who posted something negative on social media with #LUzer and #LUnatic to mock someone who isn't even on Twitter. Ravenel and Jacobs also bullied Karla Gibson, calling her out by name and through her Instagram page, notsosoutherncharm.

"#hiashley I don't encourage hate. I receive it from you. That is why you are in the position you're in. You thought pouncing on me would make you the 'new me,' the new atypical protagonist, but darling...you're just a straight up a**hole."

Chrissy Teigen, a huge Bravo fan, was following the interaction on Twitter and responded with some comic relief.

"stopppppp is she making fake accounts, i die."

This was offensive to many people who thought Ravenel's girlfriend was trying to divert attention back to her, as there was no mention at the Southern Charm reunion about any mental health issues, and it seemed like a statement of convenience.