Alcoholic Frozen Sorbet Pops Will Help Adults Cool Down This Summer

Can anything be more refreshing than a frozen treat on a hot summer day? Buzz Pop Cocktails knows there is one thing: adding alcohol.

According to Columbus, Ohio's, the Las Vegas-based company has created popsicles that contain an "ABV [alcohol by volume] of 15 percent, which is almost double the alcohol percentage of your average glass of wine."

"Buzz Pop Cocktails are all-natural, gourmet sorbets made exclusively with fresh fruits and premium liquors," the company states on its website. "Buzz Pops contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup, [and] are fat-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly." Additionally, the 100-calorie treats are certified kosher.

Seventy-five different fruity flavors have been created, which rotate depending on the season, including Blueberry Mojo, Lemon Drop Martini, Southern Belle, Pink Paradise, Caribbean Breeze, Mango Passion Fruit, Watermelon Patch, and Moscow Mule. Each concoction contains one of four types of alcohol — either tequila, vodka, bourbon, or rum.

"Anyone who ever had a box of Push-Up Pops in their freezer as a kid will know exactly how to eat these with no instructions needed," noted Tampa's ABC Action News. "[Buzz Pop Cocktails come] in a handheld tube that features a stick you can push up to get to the bottom of the treat."

Buzz Pop Cocktails were created by a father-son duo who began manufacturing the products in June 2017. Joseph Isaacs, the father, is the CEO, and Jason Isaacs, the son, is the COO and official "Buzztender." Jason is a Master Chef who trained in culinary arts and pastry design at CSN.

Right now, the "restaurant quality Italian sorbet" pops are only available at "hot spots" in select cities like Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Tampa, Florida. However, those 21 and over who can't wait for the 100-milliliter treats to reach their town can purchase a variety 8-pack on Buzz Pop Cocktails' official website for $99.99.

"We are expanding in areas that we see there is a demand for health, and wellness, and people still want to have a cocktail, but focus on things that are healthier for them," Jason told Food & Drink Magazine. "California is the next market we are launching in. California has the sixth-largest economy and a high tendency to focus on health, wellness, and certifications."

He added, "This is not strictly a United States market product. We will do well in South America, Mexico, Spain, the U.K., and other places. Our next big play is selling our product overseas. It's fun and exciting to see our products explode in the market and have people outside the country want to bring it to their venue, too."